12 thoughts on “Twistout…FAIL

  1. sarah says:

    i, too, tried twists and braids because i thought that, as a natural, i should get into protective styling. wrong! it’s all about finding a routine that works for you. so, i figured that, as much energy that one would put into perfecting a twist out, i would put that same energy into perfecting my wash and go. and it worked! i have it down to a science and i don’t suffer from SSKs. go with what works best for you.

  2. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    I personally did not think the twists came out bad on you. I love how your hair is growing. 🙂 I think twists take a lot of practice. The first time I did them I was not happy at all either. I started having a conversation with hair to the point I was berating it. It was tightly coiled in places, loose in others almost like flyaways, uh uh, not cool. Second time, I think it got better and I like.

    So in otherwords, don’t give up. I even started looking at youtube twist tutorials just to see how other beauties rocked it. Yeah I can feel with it being short still as my hair is as well, you don’t want to have this look in public. I like to play in my hair and see what I can see. I am a wash n go type of girl currently.

    I think finding a product to hold the twists while moisturize is the key. Do hair butters work well for twists?

    • HB says:

      Yea, I used Long Aid for this set and LA has a really soft hold. My second set I used a Holding Butter and they actually came out nice, but I didn’t like the look because my hair is so short. So, I won’t be doing twists anymore lol!

  3. skeeta says:

    I think ur hair is cute! I agree with the first commenter, I do flat twistouts because they look better imo and they are SO much quicker than 2 strand twists. Also, the advantage of the twistout is that I do them on dry stretched hair and you are able to show most of your length, versus the wash and go shrinkage. I also love the nonperfect look of the twistout. Best of luck!

    • HB says:

      I’m trying to do flat twists but I’m not sure how coordinated I am, lol. But…I’ve given up twists and twist outs. I did another one the other day, and it actually came out good! But I just…didn’t like it at all! So…moving on. Flat twists will be better under my wigs anyway.

  4. Courtney says:

    I will happily admit that I am a self styling DUNCE. I give you major props for even trying. Once I did manage to get through the back of my head before giving up and going back to my wash and go. Unfortuneately, winter will be here on the east coast before I know it, so I’d better get my act together or save up to hit the salon.

    I think that your hair looks great in the twistout!! Rock it!!

  5. dearheart15 says:

    I think you’re probably right about needing to do the twists smaller. Our hair is at about the same length (different textures though) and I have to make them smaller. It also doesn’t work for me to try to have a part (just looks weird at this length). My fall back is a cute headband when it doesn’t come out good. You’ll definitely get faster the more you do it. Happy experimenting!

  6. Tiff says:

    Twist Outs, oh how they elude me. So freaking adorable on others, but my hair just will not cooperate. I have tried three times and each time has ended with an impromtu wash n go. I refuse to give up though, one day I will succeed! 🙂

  7. sisyhb01 says:

    The more you do it the faster you will get!! It used to take me alllllllll day, literally 8+ hrs…now my hair is longer and I’ve done them in about 45 mins- 1 hour…depending on how distracted or determined I am. I agree with ajwitafro…it wasn’t that bad, and I do the same if they don’t turn out right, or I might pin up the sides or something. Nehoo, still loving the blog!!

    • HB says:

      We’ll see…I really am going to test out this protective styling thing – I was tired of my hair getting all tangled and dealing with SSKs. I guess if it took 3 hrs, but I don’t have to do my hair for the rest of the week it all balances out, lol.

  8. aJwitaFrO says:

    lol, i don’t think it was that bad. I actually though it was a cute look. but maybe I just needed to see the closeup haha.
    whenever my twistouts suck I just put it in a puff… i’ve grown very fond of the flat twist out look though as opposed to the single twist out look.

    • HB says:

      Thanks! Yea I dunno…it just wasn’t…what I wanted to work with, lol! I was looking up some tutorials on flat twists anyway so I can protective style with them. I put my twists back in today and it took like THREE hours! Not the way!

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