New Hair and Some Randomness…

A few things:

1. Go see Takers. Now.

2. My face looks crazy when I shake my head and I was totally holding the camera. Don’t judge.

3. If any of you ladies wear lace fronts, please let me know how you keep the comb from putting tension on your edges! 🙂


Oh also…here’s an up close pic of Tiff on my head…see how it looks funny because I have to cover up my widow’s peak? Hrrmmm…

19 thoughts on “New Hair and Some Randomness…

  1. Aaisha says:

    I love it! I look like a slave walking around DC w/o my hair done lol, I don’t even know why I didn’t think to get a wig awhile ago! Thanks once again for inspiring new ideas and sharing 🙂

  2. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    How did your loose braids/plaits turned out? Have you ever sported your hair in cornrows? I learned how to cornrow my own hair when I was transitioning from relaxer to natural. I used to wear a lot as a protective style. Even though back then I did not know what a protective style was. I just did the plaits/braid out all the time faithfully. Yeah when you know yourself and hair better, it is hard to imagine that it seems real for you using extra hair. I always plaited my hair when it was damp. A few occasions I did try it on dry hair, I had a serious afro blowout. You should try.

    Fun getting to know your hair and what works best including styles. How long did you have your hair before you cut it?

    Seriously the sista who was helping me at an Asian owned black beauty supply store was a tripped. I wanted to laugh right then and there when she said that ish. I guess she thought I would be rocking it like an actual weave. The name of it is called Fashion Source wig collection. Here is the link: I actually paid $54.99 plus tax. I looked at the price when I went searching for the hair today in my garage. Lots of dough rei me to pay and only wore it once. Good quality wigs can be quite expensive. It’s a huge investment if will only wear few times. Wow your twists took a long time. Were you doing little ones? See I did medium to large twists. Was not bout to be up to crack of dawn messing with my hair.

    Since he plays so well, I wonder if there is a bit of his character in Hayden. SO adorable. They should have added Terrence Howard. I think Josh H would have done well with this film. Have you ever seen him in Lucky Number Slevin? I adore him in Wicker Park. I’m not big on Vin Diesel or Giovanni. I think Giovanni would have been good. What about Gerard Butler? He killed it in Law Abiding Citizen. The whole crew attracted me to see the movie. Yeah Zoe was doing her thang. How many times have you seen since Friday? 🙂 I tend to sit towards the back depend on size of theater because I hate sitting up close. If a large theater a 1-3 of rows from the last seat of back row.

    • HB says:

      I just braided it to wear under my wig, so I didn’t do a braid out or anything. Before I cut my hair in HS it was probably around APL? Then I cut it to chin length b/c I was tired of being the Black girl with long hair, lol!!!

      Terrance Howard…Josh Hartnett…girl I’m over here about to have a heart attack! Pass on Gerard Butler, he’s too good at playing a crazy person, LOL! I haven’t been back to see it again yet…but am def contemplating it. I wonder if I can get the screening version off Utorrent **off to Google**

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        What does the acronym HS and APL stands for? I will have to visit more hair boards so I can get all these acronyms down. I’ve always wanted long hair. I’ve had it past my shoulders but never down my back. The short/medium hair look can be just as sexy. Do you ever regret cutting your hair?

        hehe You’re funny. I feel the same anytime I think of some hot dude. I surely hope they get more kind of movies like Trackers or some more black films at the movie theater. Some of the stuff out is like blah! You’re right Gerard is better playing psycho person.

        I did a review on Palmer’s Coconut Oil with Vitamin E Repairing Conditioner which they also have in shampoo and Olive Oil versions… check it out when you have time. Peace. 😉

  3. Vida Starr says:

    I like the straight hair emo wig. I mean… you aint ugly or nothin so no wig is gonna look BAD on you… but the emo wig wit that hat was fly… like outta the 1960’s or some sh*t. do some dark poetry with it….

    • HB says:

      Yep, I like those better too. People keep giving me thumbs down on YT for this one so I guess they don’t like it either…oh well!

  4. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    I think it looks great on you. LOL You have names for the wig and hair pieces. Now is Tiffany hair clip extensions or a full wig? I like Tiffany than Alexis. 😉 Are you rocking the twists underneath them? I have some hair clip extensions that I bought like a year or so ago, Betty. haha Nah she doesn’t have a name. I’ve only rocked it once. It was before I cut my hair into a bob style haircut.

    Btw I saw Takers Friday night. It was good movie. TI was up to no good! I knew he was planning all of it. I do not want to give up any juicy bits in case people will be rushing in to see it. They all look so handsome in suits. When what happened to AJ and laying on the floor, a sister sitting in the theater was like, “He’s Sexy.” People started laughing. Good to see Chris Brown making a combat. I wonder if there will be a part II.

    • HB says:

      Aw thanks! It’s a full wig, and I just have my hair out under it; I just got it so I wanted to try it on. I’m not doing twists anymore though, they take too dang long! I’m just going to braid my hair…I can do like 16 braids in 15 min or so. What kind of hair extensions did you get?

      And about Takers…GIRLLLLLL….every time I forget how attractive Hayden Christensen is, I see him in a movie and he reminds the hell outta me!! Ooohh…his cute little fedoras and those tattoos! Sexiest. Robbers. EvAr. And I loved TI! His acting was expected, but he was too funny with his commentary and his intentions. I don’t wanna tell the movie either but yes, it was great! And C. Breezy was good! I loved his chase scene – lol, his stuntman was great! If there is a sequel I will be in the theater at the first show with popcorn licking my lips!

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        I could not even tell that it was laced front. It looked really natural. Are you cornrowing braids or doing like braids/plaits? I used to do the plaits, but some people refer to them as a type of braid. I think this really worked. Sometimes I would have a blowout afro doing it. As my hair got longer, I loved it. My profile pic with my beebop cap, it was a “plait out” method. I probably shouldn’t have cut my hair. Oh well. Such is a life. haha Since I cut, it helps shape my curls I think.

        About the hair extensions, girl I think they were just some bootleg hair extensions but I paid like $30 for the hair clips (all over head). It said human hair. Do you buy human hair wigs? I got them in the garage. I will have to get back with you about the name. The chic was like, “You can’t wear these all the time, only for on a night out and you want to look glamorous.” I got the idea from one of the foster kids when I was a foster care social worker. She wore them “everyday.”

        It didn’t take my hair long to do the twists out. It was hard doing the back. My arms started hurting. LOL I have pics of my wet twist outs but too ashame to show them on the net. Somebody might black mail me with them. haha

        Hayden lips are delicious and that smile of his!! Is he a bad boy type? There were like 6 girls came in together and were giggling the whole time before the movie. I bet they had him in mind to see, but the whole cast of men were to die for!! Josh Hartnett need to get his behind back into some movies. He has been gone for awhile… I hope there is a sequel. How it ends is quite suspicious? Wonder any new hot robbers will be added. *winks* hehe “with popcorn licking lips.” First row towards the back or last back row?

      • HB says:

        I just did loose braids/plaits…I wish I could cornrow, I’d be in heaven! I also tried to do flat twists and failed. I don’t think it looks that “wiggy,” but it’s just a shock to me b/c I know that I have a widow’s peak so it just doesn’t look like me, ya know? I wonder how my braids would look if I blow dried my hair first…hmmm…yea I LOVE braid outs – I actually used to do them on dry hair when I had a relaxer in HS all the time!! Sometimes I would comb the braids out so I could have big hair like a lion’s mane – this only worked when my hair was long.

        That’s too funny about the extensions! I haven’t bought human hair wigs b/c they cost so much more for long hair and I’m trying to not spend a ton of money on some dang wigs, but I really want one. My second set of twists took FOUR hours. NEVER. AGAIN.

        I dunno how Hayden is in real life but in movies he’s always playing some cute little bada$$. Yea how the movie ended was def suspect (LOL we gotta stop talking about it!!!). YES I agree why wasn’t Josh in there, or even Vin Diesel, or Giovanni Ribisi? I initially wanted to see the movie to see Paul Walker, but they were ALL doin’ their thang! Even Zoe – love her. I’ll prob sit in the middle of the middle, and get there 30 min early to get my seat, waiting, in anticipation… ❤

  5. aJwitaFrO says:

    Lol at the part where you’re shaking your head and talking, why are you so funny! Anyways, I think wigs are a good protective style but I hate wearing them because I feel like my head is suffocating lol.

    Werk Tiff still,


  6. t says:

    takers was awesome! gorgeous well dressed men! and great action! now off to watch the video, lol. had to comment on takers first.

    • HB says:

      Mmmmmm Takers…I might so see it again tomorrow. I think the best part was that scene in the garage warehouse place with Hayden Christensen.

  7. Sharonda says:

    Don’t put the comb in too tight – I would have to play with it to get the right tension. Sometimes if you put it on too low in the back its going to pull the front. Also, I would sometimes put the comb into the cap but you run the risk of it sliding.

    I had to eventually put up the lace front since the lace kept making my head itch.

    You make me want to go to the wig shop.

    • HB says:

      Thanks! I’m going to play with trying to put the combs in looser in the front – I placed the front onces first but it just felt too tight to me…I think I have a big head lol!

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