6 thoughts on “Curls Curly Q’s Curly Q Custard

  1. Hairguru17 says:

    i actually tried this product twice and hated hated hated it. Made my hair super dry and weird feeling. Maybe it really is meant for the kiddies! lol…

  2. dearheart15 says:

    I found the souffle to be drying as well. Have you tried the whipped cream? Its the only Curls styling product that works really well for me. I like the conditioners too.

      • dearheart15 says:

        It has a creamy consistency. I’ve used it to do twists and bantu knot outs. It smells good and is pretty moisturizing…my hair is more on the 4b end though.

  3. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    haha “You know Izzy, she’s bratty.” That’s hilarious. 😉
    I think I read somewhere recently while I was googling for organic hair products that I came across someone’s column who said anything with beeswax was not good for black hair. Water is suppose to be the best moisturizer. Hmm. Well you know not all certain hair care product is for our hair. One of the Youtubers (can’t think of her name) swears by the Curls product hair care line. I think she said it does not work with anything else but the other recommended Curls product. LOL

    As always, your hair still looks good. Yeah I be eyeballing the ingredients too when I am reading in a beauty store or somewhere retail just to see what’s in it. I think I may need to bring myself a cheat sheet on the haves and haves not.

    • HB says:

      Beeswax is a toss up for me – I think that some don’t like it b/c it can cause build up. I don’t know what it is about that stuff but my hair hates it! I only like the Coconut Dream condish.

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