3 thoughts on “Alaffia Beautiful Curls!

  1. montREALady says:

    I bought an Allafia travel size shampoo the other day, I think it’s the Shea & Coconut one, haven’t used it yet. Still not sure if I’ll bother trying this line.

  2. niya says:

    The other day I was reading a forum post on Ori Organics and convinced myself that I just had to place an order. Now this! Sigh…. I guess I’ll head on over to my local Whole Foods now….

    I really liked my Alaffia Shea & Honey Conditioner. It’s not a part of their Beautiful Curls line (this is the first I’ve heard of this line). It was very thick and rich.

  3. DerbyCityNaturals says:

    I adore Alaffia, they make great products. I use their Coconut & Shea shampoo and it is fantabulous.

    And while I haven’t tried their Everyday Shea line a lot of ppl like it and I like the fact that they offer a budget/bargain brand.

    I just checked out the Beautiful Curls last weekend but didn’t pick it up. I might try it next time instead of my normal Alaffia purchase.

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