Mixed Chicks Leave-In Review

As requested by the lovely ladies who filled out my survey… 🙂

This stuff is okay, but I wouldn’t buy it again unless in a pinch. I found it moisturizing, but definitely did not weigh down my frizzies. I needed to pair it with something else for that! Yes, the pics in the video look pretty good, but I had just done a Cherry Lola! That’s cheating. Check it out without the CL:

Still impressed? I wasn’t…


2 thoughts on “Mixed Chicks Leave-In Review

  1. PinkGirl says:

    I was talking with my doctor about hair products for me – I have fine-haired wavy and curly hair that needs extra protein. My doctor decided the Antioxidant Leave in Protecter from Shielo Hair Care, and am so glad I tried it! After using it just once, my waves (which had been looking rather straight) curled right up, and it left my hair feeling really soft and lovely.

    Several reviewers on other websites had mentioned that the smell is amazing and I agree! It makes my hair smell so fresh – my husband loves the smell.

    I also like how this plays well with other hair products. I’ve been experimenting by layering various brands of curl cremes and gels over it, and it doesn’t flake up or act strangely at all.

    As for the amount to use, I’ve been using four sprays on my shoulder-length hair. I may increase the amount to make sure I really get all my hair covered. I’ve also just been raking it through my hair with my fingers, but I might try a comb.

  2. niya says:

    A stylist I went to once in college used this on my hair….(which is strange since it was technically a DevaCare salon…anywho). I was so impressed with the frizz-free results that I came back the next day and bought the huge $52 pump as well as the Deva poo and condish she also used. Umm…I was never able to reproduce that initial result, and I could have sworn I did exactly what the stylist did…ha, obviously not.

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