It Was All a Dream…

I’ll tell you guys right now, Nyquil has to be some good stuff. I’ve been battling a virus for the past week or so, which is why I haven’t posted a video, but I had the strangest dream the other night.

It started off with me getting a texturizer, which turned my tight curls into loose ringlets. **Disclaimer, do not get it twisted, I love my hair, but I also love all curly hair, and I often wonder if my hair would be easier to detangle if my curls were looser or would look  not so mullet like with the current length I have – so don’t try to come at me with any, “Elle, you obviously hate your hair” mess, thanks and muah!!** So initially, I was all happy with my curly bob; my hair was bouncy, had way less shrinkage, yet was still pretty and healthy looking. I was whipping my hair back and forth like Willow Smith without my fro shrinking up to my scalp. It was a great feeling.


All of a sudden, I was in this weird vertigo, with all these spirals and circles…I was constantly touching up my cute little curly bob because my roots were so much tighter, and I had vivid images of  combing texturizer through my hair. Eventually, my hair ended up looking like a stringy mess while I was looking in the bathroom mirror screaming, “IZZY, NO NO!” It was absolutely horrible.

What I Think This Dream Meant: While there are some things I find frustrating about my hair (tangles and shrinkage), what one might think is a quick fix, could end up being a long term nightmare. But back to my original point, it’s like that, Nyquil? Yeesh.


6 thoughts on “It Was All a Dream…

  1. Courtney says:

    Aren’t hair dreams great? I had one where my boyfriend used up all of my kinky curly to wave up his hair. It was so bad that I started yelling at him in my sleep.

    I can blame that one on Chipotle.

  2. Staci says:

    Girl… I thought you were singing some Notorious BIG song…*it was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine…* LOL

  3. oaklay18 says:

    I’ve had the “relaxer” dream twice and each time I’ve felt awful about it. In one a girl had relaxer in her hair, touched my head w/her hands and in the spots where her fingers had been I could feel a chem burn. Random I know.

  4. T says:

    LMBO! I had a dream like that not long ago! Except for I ended up with fully relaxed hair and I don’t remember how it came about, but I was SOOOOOOO distraught and wanted to go back but I couldn’t. And I was in such a panic trying to figure out what I could do all to come to the conclusion that I would have to start all over. 😦 I was so glad to wake up. lol. I’ve been taking raw honey before bed and it’s supposed to do some good things and also help you sleep….but I always have the craziest dreams.

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