How Long is Too Long?

Y’all, I need help! I may protective style soon, and was looking for suggestions on how long is too long for a curly weave. I’d like a good amount of length (at least shoulder length, longer would be cool), but I don’t want the hair to be so heavy it weighs down my natural hair and damages it. So, if you have ever had a weave, or know anything about them, what length do you think I should get? Oh, and this is the hair I’m looking at from Halley’s Curls.

Thanks loves!

4 thoughts on “How Long is Too Long?

  1. Nicole says:

    The longer the better! I ordered 16 from this site and the length came right to my shoulders. If you order longer you can always trim it. BTW, this hair itches like crazy! It looks beautiful and natural, but if you are looking for a low maintenance weave this is NOT it! I had to wet set the hair (braid out) just the top portion, but every night! Eventually I just got really fed up with the whole thing and took it out. Also, it really retains heat. At least it’s not the summer time or else you would be sweltering in this weave. But like I said, it did look really natural, but was not low maintenance and it itched tremendously. Good luck!

  2. HomeGrownHairGirl says:

    Hi Elle,
    In my personal opinion, there is no such thing as “too long” when it comes to weave, lol! I say, go for the DRAMA!

    Curly weave hair appears way shorter once it is in your head. Often, the length given on the package is the length of the hair when it is straightened. So, 16-inch curly weave hair may appear to be the length of 12-inch straight weave hair due to shrinkage… Therefore, you have to consider the tightness of the curl, density, etc.

    For example, my hair in this photo is 14-inch curly hair:

    Since the curls are looser, it only took 14-inch hair to be a little longer than shoulder length. With tighter curled hair, it will probably take 16 to 18 inch hair to be longer then shoulder-length.

    As far as density, if the curls are too thick, you may end up with an old school Chaka Khan look… (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

    Sorry for writing this long book, but I am a recovering weave-a-holic, lol!

    Anyway, hope this helps,


  3. blkbutterfly says:

    I’ve never bought HC’s Creole Curly, but I have worn the Salon Relaxed, and the quality was good. I’ve heard mixed reviews of Creole Curly, though… Have you considered a brand called Bohyme Brazilian Wave? I wore that for a while and loved it. It looks natural, is curly, and I wore it as long as 16″ without any pulling or breakage issues.

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