10 thoughts on “AfroVeda Replacements and Alternatives

  1. Diane says:

    Love your hair! Agree with you on the price hike on Afroveda…yikes! Fortunately, I have a stock pile from her different sales and since the butters are so thick, a little bit will go a long way, as I will not be ordering again.

    Now, I’m a HUGE product junkie!! I have a free standing book shelf with FOUR levels stuffed full of hair products! I agree with you…yeah, now what, we’re product junkies!!

  2. Bionca says:


    You are hilarious! and fabulous! I get perfect twistouts with afroveda totally twisted and pur whipped gelly. Do you know of any alternatives for totally twisted ginger butter?
    Also, when I mix those two together, it goes on white but dries clear. Will the brown styling pudding do that?


    • HB says:

      Hey there, and thanks! I feel bad – people keep asking me about the Totally Twisted, but I never tried that one! Regarding your hair being white, I know that my hair takes forever to dry because it’s low porosity, so white hair is a dealbreaker for me – my hair will be white for HOURS. I use the Califia Pudding alone and it does not make my hair white. However, if you mix it with some LIs it might turn white, but I think it’s moisturizing enough where I don’t need a leave-in.

  3. nms says:

    Never got it. She did give me a refund, though. It’s actually a long story and I’m not about to clog up your blog with it, lol. I think I might just try to get it in a swap because it really does sound like a decent product. You’re right about getting things on the ground. Despite the assault on my olfactory nerves, Whole Foods’ hair/body aisle is my go-to.

  4. nms says:

    I can’t really comment on the AfroVeda nonsense because I never purchased anything from that company, but I noticed that you’re still standing by Ohm Sweet Hair Pudding. I remember you did a video review of it several months ago when you had more of a twa, but now that your hair is getting longer, could you possibly re-review it in the future? I think you brought this up in your DM review, that as your hair starts to hang, you’ll start looking for products to behave differently (e.g. no crunch). This request really comes out of pure caution on my part: I tried to order a sample of the SHP this summer and had such a bad shipping experience that I swore I wouldn’t bother with it ever again unless someone does a bangin’ wash-n-go with it on hair w/ some length to it.

    • HB says:

      Wait, did you ever get your sample? And I will say, yes, I still love the Sweet Hair Pudding. I used to today (sorry I didn’t have time to do a video) after washing out about 75% of my conditioner, then finished with aloe vera gel on top for a bit more clumping, and Izzy was doin’ the damn thing! I went to the store and the woman working there kept telling me how beautiful my hair is. It was not crunchy and very moisturized. However, I may not order it again because my area is starting to get some really good brands in the store, like Qhemet, so if I can get great products on the ground, I’m going to do that rather than pay for shipping.

  5. dearheart15 says:

    Wow…just when I was ready to try the cocolatte. Thanks for the heads up Elle and the alternatives. I already have the KBN nourishing hair/body butter, so I’ll be sticking with that.

  6. sarah says:

    haha, girl you maadddd, ain’t you? can’t knock your hustle though. i’ve always wanted to try AfroVeda and it looks as if i won’t get the chance. Thanks for this.

    • HB says:

      LOL! Nah, I’m not really mad…obviously I’m not hurting for products, lol! I just can’t stand it when businesses pull some tomfoolery crap like that. Like really? Are we crack addicts? Well if so, I’m switching suppliers, thanks!

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