Turning My Kinks into Curls! Miss Jessie’s Stretch Silkening Creme…

LOL, you know I had to put that in the title, right?

Update: When I rinsed this stuff out, my hair felt gross! Like straw. Also, I could not cowash it out – there was a residue left behind, so I had to shampoo. If you want a curl creme, stick to Donna Marie or Curl Junkie.

11 thoughts on “Turning My Kinks into Curls! Miss Jessie’s Stretch Silkening Creme…

  1. Sisyhb01 says:

    I wanted to try mj’s when I first went natural as well, but like alot of you couldn’t justify spending that money… Then I went to a natural hair convention where they had a mj’s booth…the stylist and the models and the girls who tried the product at the booth all looked a hot mess!!! My curiosity quickly ended!!

  2. cassadie says:

    I like the scowl the entire time you’re reading the jar. And I also think your hair looks more shrunken than normal…I guess its the dryness….

    Agree totes with this statement above: “I do, however, credit Miss Jessie’s for becoming natural. So I thank their sketchy advertising for that. Their products were the first that I used.”

  3. sarah says:

    i had a similar experience. it dried hard and crispy… gross. thank God i didn’t spend MY money on it. once again, you give the real. LOL @ the gagging.

    one thing i love about your videos is that you generally follow the same script. you open the jar, smell it, squish it between your fingers, then smooth it on a curl. i kept waiting for you to do that with the MJSSC and it never happened. good call.

  4. coilylolo says:

    I think you should try the curly meringue. I have had great looking curls when I rake the meringue thru, plus I can usually get at least 2 day hair from it. Only prob is the price, so I don’t use it consistently. Can’t wait to see you review it.

  5. L. Michelle says:

    I used this product a few weeks ago to do a two strand twist. I put the SSC on each twist and detangled using a Denman brush and then proceeded to twist. I left my hair in twists for about four days and then I did a twistout and it yielded the best results that I have every seen!

    My hair pattern is a little kinkier than yours I think. I am sorry you had a bad experience. I have a love hate relationship with Miss Jessie’s products, so I do understand.

    I blogged about the SSC on my blog and I want you to see my picture of my twist out.


  6. Lavada Lindsey says:

    I completely agree with you about Miss Jessie’s products and marketing technique. I do, however, credit Miss Jessie’s for becoming natural. So I thank their sketchy advertising for that. Their products were the first that I used. . .I was willing to pay the high price for the results I saw online. I tried the Curly Pudding, Curly Meringue, the Buttercreme and the shampoo and conditioner. I wasn’t satisfied with any of it. The pudding, meringue and butter creme weighed my hair down, my hair did not hold moisture at all. . .by the end of the day it was a frizzy mess. And the shampoo and conditioner was a joke for the price. I kept going back to the product because as a new natural I thought it was me. . .and ididnt understand how everyone in the stores I was going to raved about the company and told me how all of the othe customers loved it. Also, I wondered how they could get away with charging such ridiculous prices if it was a bad product. But I guess it works on some and they make a lot of money preying on the uneducated , newly naturals (like I once was). . . Now I read the ingredients lables and think if I knew then what I know now. . . INHO, it is just gook.

    I’d love to hear a review on how your hair responds to the Merigue.

  7. Ravengirl says:

    Oh my gosh! I misread the title of this video and thought you went and got the “silkener” *cough* texturizer *cough* done.
    I looked at their website when I first started taking care of my hair but all curiosity went out the window when I saw the prices. I just can’t justify spending $40 to $60 dollars for 16 oz jar of anything… even if it had magic in it. 😦

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