9 thoughts on “Donna Marie Super Buttercreme

  1. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    From what I remember reviewing their ingredients, I did not see any cones listed. Their website lists all their ingredients in each of their products http://www.abbahaircare.com. I remembered I was interested at the time in their Moisture Line and Curl Line.

    I have scoped out the Deva stuff as well. I wrote down an organic product by Rusk called the Sensories Wellness Hydrating Exotic Organic Tahitian Oil, I would like to try which seem with good ingredients. It’s hard to escape those cones and parabens. I hope Ulta welcomes more natural, organic hair care. Will be nice to have it all at one location and not worry about S&H.

    • HB says:

      Thanks for the link! I just looked up the Curl line and the condish has Cyclomethicone. I don’t mind cones sometimes, but I don’t like to buy expensive salon products with them. I agree, I wish more beauty stores sold better stuff!

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        That cone must had escaped my eyes. You know this Pure Abba line is expensive no matter where you go to buy it except for discounted retails like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross etc but even then it depends on what’s put on stock. At least this line markets their ingredients for consumers to review than unlike others. If Ulta gets the all natural, organic haircare lines we love and sell for good prices, it will be off the heezy! They have too much commercial stuff.

        Hopefully with the continuance merge with natural hair and care, it may not be a dream very long. 😉

  2. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Donna Marie is another haircare that I have been waiting to try. Great review. I love scents that smell sweet as well. You sound like you were washing yourself off from MJ. Yeah it’s the best feeling when your hair is moisturized and movable. Thanks for informing us about how the product feels on wet hair. This is important so others don’t fee like they have wasted the idea to use it. The reviews I read about it, most like that cake frosting scent.

    Does the scent stays long in your hair? I don’t mind smelling like frosting all day. 😉

    It’s hard being a PJ. You see and want to test instantly. I know I am this way. I am trying to remain small with my holy grail. Have you ever tried any of the Tigi Bedhead products? I bought the Oatmeal and Honey Tigi Catwalk several weeks ago. I bought it for the Honey. There is avocado in the conditioner (caught my attention) and the Shampoo believe or not has a lot of yummy fruit extracts like cucumber, kiwi, etc. Conditioner had 2 parabens (did not like to know) but it’s toward the middle and end portion on the list. No SLS.

    • HB says:

      Hey! I’m not sure if it stays in your hair all day…I usually get used to the smell, and then I’ll see a friend and they’re like OH you smell like vanilla/cake/ice cream, lol! I used to LOVE Tigi BedHead Oatmeal and Honey when I was relaxed…it smelled like oatmeal cookies! However, the condish has wheat protein, which I’ve realized is a problem for me in a lot of conditioners/products unless the formulation is on point, so I usually just stay away from it.

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        It’s funny how we become immune to the scents but others will be like POW…. that really smells good. What do you have on? Last week someone said I smelled like candy. I had no products or anything on… :/ well I was eating on chocolates. i love the TIGI fragrances but i am careful what to use from them. i was in Ulta over last weekend. there is urban anti-dotes by Bedhead with good ingredients. i want to try. When I used the O & H, I felt like my hair was sort of dryish. I want to retry to see if it will look dry again and look closely. My hair smelled delicious all day.

        I have used wheat protein in other products and did nothing terribly with a dry spell for my hair. Hmm… Ever tried Abba? I was in Ralph’s tonight and saw they carry Abba line. Abba can be a bit expensive.

        Strange how ingredients impacts positively or feels it harms the hair in some sort of way. Like anything else perhaps hair can experience side effects.

      • HB says:

        Doesn’t Abba have cones? I love Ulta, but I read the ingredients in all their stuff and there’s rarely anything I can use besides the Deva stuff…

    • lifejourneytobenatural says:

      conditioner has like 4 parabens low on the ingredient list. :/ is SLS similar to ammonium laureth sulfate? some of the extracts in the shampoo are interesting but like Arsenio Hall makes me go hmmmmm… jasmine, bitter orange, coriander, sandalwood oil, coconut oil (not the hmm on this), gardenia flower, macadamia oil, wheat protein, and some other floral extracts. what is cablin oil?

      it does not smell floral like but rather sweet, soft smell. says its the comfort food for damaged hair to enhance moisture and shine. i will have to try this again and do a blog product review. let me know if you heard anything about the hmmm ingredients.

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