15 thoughts on “Curl Junkie Curl Queen: First Impression Review

  1. rosscd says:

    I think I might off topic from gossip girl :o). But how do you compare this to cj curl queen to kccc? Posted on ncc but value your input.

    • HB says:

      Personally, I like it a lot more. It’s more moisturizing for me, and KCCC gives me a LOT of shrinkage that I don’t get with the Curl Queen. Also, it’s cheaper when you measure it out by ounce. Oh, and KCCC sometimes gives me build up and I have to shampoo it out, while the Curl Queen is easier to rinse out. I will continue to buy KCCC because it’s convenient and I can pick it up at a number of stores, but I love the Curl Queen so much more.

  2. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Thank you, Elle, for the clarification. I thought you meant until the drippies are gone but was not sure. I was like if she is diffusing after it’s dry, what’s the point? 🙂 I gotcha. My hair is opposite of yours on overmoisturized it weighs down. I love the look of really moisturized hair. It looks and feel healthy.

    Ah I figured that Ben was the guy who Serena was with during that “sex tape.” Out for revengeance. I only like when they are interesting new people but not schemers and fakies (fakes). Everyone wants to be Blair, I still find it funny that she has still a Queen B Posse. I like Vanessa because she seems to try to stay real and out of the drama. I was SHOCKED she let Juliette pull one on her. Desperado for Dan Humphrey. Have you read the books?

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        I have thumbed through the pages when I have been Barnes & Noble but has not enticed me to buy them. Who do you think Gossip Girl is?

        I feel sorry for Vanessa though a part of me sees her strength. But it seems they keep her sticking out like a sore thumb. I think she gets highly insecure regarding Dan. She seems to have a smaller role compared to the others. In the shadows a bit.

  3. sarah says:

    co-sign on Nate. i lurve Chuck Bass. his steely expressions are too sexy.

    BTW, i don’t have twitter, but i thank you for keeping me updated on the YouTube drama 😉

  4. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    First great review and pixies. Your hair definitely looks fuller. On the diffuser perhaps you would want to try to tilt your head to the side and put diffuser into the scalp without any fingers touching your hair same time. When I use the diffuser, I try not to touch any of my wet hair which is hard to do. You want to check to see if it is drying. I tilt my heads in all 360 degree kind of angles and put diffuser up in my hair and to blow air into it in a tilt position. See if it minimize the frizz around the midsection of your hair. I get fussy with diffusers, and turn it off quickly. I like the concentrator to elongate the curl. haha

    Sound like a concoction you were reading off at the beginning part of your video.

    It’s cool that Marcia works with her customers and recommend best products for your hair. It’s really professional and show she cares about her consumers. Did you find it moisturizing? I know what you mean about the bowl shape hair when it’s wet.

    That dang Juliette on Gossip Girl. Seriously! Pisses me off. I was like I know to keep my purse closed just for that reason, slipping nothing into my purse. Nate was looking oh so sexy on that bed scene laying down. Interesting how Serena has a new man each season. LMAO B and Chucky looked like they were with some sexual tension. Just saying. That’s last week episode. I don’t have cable and catch the online shows @ cwtv.com. Wait so long to post current week show. GRrrr

    • HB says:

      Thank you! When I diffuse I don’t touch my hair at all, and do not diffuse until dry. I usually only do it for a few min to get rid of drippies, tilting my head to the sides and forward. I dunno, I’m really just too lazy to use my dryer, lol! Totally not sure why my hair up top likes to get funny….

      Yes, I found the gel very moisturizing, my hair was so soft!!

      And I HATE Juliette…like seriously…she needs to sit down somewhere and Nate is an idiot because he gets whipped so easily, by all these chicks (even Jenny LOL). He needs a dang backbone!

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        Interesting you are the first that I know use diffuser after your hair is dry. I do it when it is super soaked to help dry the process up. It still ends up not doing much because I still have drippies-thick hair especially trying with diffuser after using KCCC. I can use the dryer for anything else except diffusing, it takes to dang long!!! It’s true one has to have patience if one is going to rely on their dryer.

        Just a suggestion: Try putting more moisture or product on the mid section of your hair to see if there is any difference. I do this with my own hair. If one area or more acts up, I add a little extra to see if it helps. Usually it does… well most of the time. Gurl our hair has a mind of its own it seems. If hair decides to say I had enough of that product, it might get fiesty and do a reject. I wonder about hair becoming immune to certain techniques, products, etc over time.

        I will have to test out this Curl Junkie line. I am always searching for moisturizing products. Is possible to overmoisturize the hair? How can you tell? If it is too weighed down? I thought more moisture, the better.

        Yeah I thought Juliette was big time skeezer when I first saw her the start of this season. Whose the dude behind bars? Like Com’on why is Nate always so dang easy and believes every syllable rolling off a cute girl’s tongue. Him and Dan has danced around SErena enough!!! I think Dan “Lonely Boy” lacks the backbone. Nate’s a player. Willing to throw it at him doubt he will say no (referencing to Nate). Does he love Vanessa or does not love Vanessa? Sleeping with Georgia Sparks!!! Enemy of the Upper East Side Clan. What’s up with Chuck bringing Jenny back? Blair and Chuck at war is hilarious!!!!!! I like when there are new people added to the show, but it always seems temporary. Juliette they can toss far and beyond. I adore Rufus for some reason. Lily is iffy on me.

      • HB says:

        Oh nooo, I mean I don’t diffuse my hair to make it totally dry. I diffuse on soaking wet hair only until the drippies are gone. Sorry that didn’t make sense.

        Yes, you can over moisturize hair! It has happened to me a couple of times with Qhemet, and borderline with some CJ. My hair gets really poofy and “fat.” It just looks really moist.

        I think the guy in prison is the guy who let that girl die in that hotel room when she was younger? The one that had her on tape. I hate it when they add new people! They are always too cunning, and I’m like YOU CAN’T BEAT BLAIR!

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