1. Hmm a banana Now and Later… seems like that would smell yummy. I will certainly be looking for the chart on her website. Thank you for this info. Izzy will growwwww. 😉 Just love her and give her all the nurturance.

    Recent drama? Meaning Afroveda or something else. Despite recent drama, I still like that necklace. 🙂 Like a worded bowtie in front of your neck.

    These are really good reviews and give naturalies out there a view of other products to try. Sometimes starting off you do not know where to start or what’s good on the market.

  2. It smells like bubble gum yet the title has hibiscus and banana. Plain bubble gum or a flavored bubble gum? I would have thought it smelled florally with a hint of sweet.
    Does she make all her products from scratch?
    The honey and shea butter I really like and does well on my hair.
    What type of hair does she recommend for this?
    Your hair is going to look bombacious once it gets really long. 🙂 I like your hair with fullness.

    I like the necklace you’re wearing, does it say Hats?

    What other products do you have for Curl Junkie line up review?

    1. Like a banana bubble gum…like maybe a banana Now and Later? No, these products are not made from scratch – that’s why I love them! I don’t have to worry about them spoiling in 4-6 months. If you go to http://www.curljunkie.com, she has a chart for all of her products. This is recommended for normal-high porosity hair. And thanks! I just want Izzy to groooooow….

      LOL, my necklace says “Hate.” In light of the recent drama, I thought it was appropriate.

      I also need to review the Smoothing Lotion, and finalize/update my Curl Queen review.

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