6 thoughts on “Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion

  1. Lori says:

    I think in the interest of a really giving your readers the full product results you should go out in the humidity/high dew point wearing/using only the smoothing lotion and let us see just how high your ‘fro can go. ;~} J/K I totally understand why you switched it up for your walk to the mall.

    I’m not sure if you mentioned it here or in a different video, but didn’t you say you thought you could use one of the Curl Junkies products to blow dry your hair? If you do that, please let us know the results.

    Thanks for the review!

    • HB says:

      LOL! I will say, I have gone out in the humidity with the SL and CQ paired and that was fine. My hair was just so moist already I was skurrrrred. You mean blow dry my hair like a blow out? No, I haven’t done that – only diffusing – I diffused a little both with the SL and the Rehab, and both were fine.

  2. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Great review. Your hair definitely looks really good and responds well to the Curl Junkie hair care. I did notice the price for a smaller bottle. ErERR Must means too to use little as possible. I got to try that Rehab as a DC. I am always searching for nourishing DC.

    How do you tend to wear your hair during late fall/winter?
    Do you still do wash n gos during that time?
    When you rinsed out, did you completely rinse out or left a little of the Smoothing Lotion in your hair?
    What’s the Butta Bar & Clay you mentioned?
    What eye shadow are you wearing and lip gloss?

    • HB says:

      Thanks! Answers to your questions –

      – Wash n go, lol. I really hate all other styles on me. For Dec I might wear wigs until I do my year length check at the end of the month though.
      – Yep, I rinsed it all out.
      – It’s the Conditioning Hair Mask from Butters N Bars; it’s bases are pink and rhassoul clays. I love it! I need to review it too…it’s kind of annoying though b/c the jar is only 6 oz and b/c it’s clay I have to apply in sections, so one jar only lasts for about 3 applications. However, I figured out I can take a couple of spoonfuls of the clay, and mix it with honey, conditioner, and oils in order to use less clay each time. And it’s still a great DC! Also, by diluting the clay it’s WAY easier to wash out…I was having pink clay on my scalp for days before, lol!
      – Yeeeeeees, I’m glad you noticed my makeup! I hadn’t bought any new makeup in about a year, so I went to Sephora yesterday and murdered my credit card! I got this eye kit from Lorac called Close Up, and the eyeshadow in it is called Movie Star (lol). The lips are a sheer MAC lipstick called Sweet Thang – it was in their Hello Kitty collection last year.

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        1. Do you have a lineup of hair care products you tend to use more for the winter season?

        2. Have you ever used the Rehab as a leave-in or only for DC? Do you rinse all of the Rehab out if you are using as a DC?

        Not sure if I want to try the Butters N Bars because it seems rather messy. I am not positive about wanting to spend time mixing it with other ingredients and conditioner. That had to be irritating having the clay remain on your scalp.

        It’s not hard to spend up a bit of money at Sephora. I have spent this much and more in the past by wanting to buy everything in sight. I have a Lorac palette For Day & Night. Have you ever tried makeup tutorials?
        I would have thought it was a sheer lipgloss. It’s a beautiful color on you. Is it like a thin lipstick because it does appear really shiny? I really like MAC products. I spent $65 the other week buying a black liquid eyeliner, Duo blue shade eye palette, single light blue shadow, and a mascara. I heard great things about MAC and that they will last you a really long time.

      • HB says:

        LOL @ you and your questions!

        1. Sort of, I tend to put away my products that contain more glycerin for winter. However, it doesn’t really get that cold here so I might test them out here and there.
        2. I usually use it as a leave-in, like I did yesterday. If I DC with it I rinse it all out – but that’s why I like it better as a LI, because I hate rinsing out all that goodness!

        The makeup tuts are why I went there and bought a bunch of stuff – they got me! I love MAC lipsticks; they’re the only ones I buy – that color is really sheer though, it’s not matte at all. It’s one of the Lustre lipsticks. And thank you! I really wanted something from that collection – there was a time I was OBSESSED with all their limited collections and HAD to get something every time!

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