My New Boo in My Head

I don’t think that I should be happy that someone is this pissed, but I just want to say THANK YOU!!! After I responded to that stupid video the other day about women and natural hair, I was a bit distraught that a black man was insulting natural hair the way he was. It truly brought the deep issues that many have to light…I felt really naive and couldn’t even believe that there were actually people this dumb.

But then…I learn about pastorsexwife…who…well, is simply creepy with her crazy eyes all in the camera’s face talking about how she doesn’t like “nappy.” Okay, fine – if you want to wear YOUR hair straight that’s cool. But don’t run around calling women with natural hair idiots. Straight up tomfoolery, if you ask me. But I saw this response to her…and this dude is mad as hell!!! AND I LOVE IT! So I just wanted to show you all the video and thank him for restoring my faith in the opposite sex. We’re now dating in my head. Yea, I said it. The fury is hot, son!

17 thoughts on “My New Boo in My Head

  1. Wordz says:

    All week people were coming up to me to measure me for Tuxedos… I was afraid that i was in the old west and due for a shoot out… i had no idea it was b/c i was getting married! ALLOT!! here I am thinking I’m single! lol I’m glad that so many people (with one exception) liked the video… I will in the future “try” to tone it down.

    oh! here’s a fun fact, do you know that to “try” is fairly synonymous with “fail?” think about it… you can replace try with fail in almost any sentence and the sentence is still true and still functional. I always say… there are 2 types of people… those that Try… and those that Do… but ill uh… “try” to be nicer in the future lol

    • HB says:

      Oh yea, you didn’t know? My dress is hot pink, for the record.

      Perhaps next time you could put a disclaimer at the beginning of your vid and say your alter ego will be taking over for the next 10 minutes or so. 😉

  2. Shawny says:

    I didnt hear a word he said , his eyes, lips had me spellbound……….whew, give me a moment and I WILL actually listen this time lolol

  3. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Props to him for identifying the troubles behind blinded perception and needing to look deeper into self to see what lies within. Natural hair is sexy. I do not know what some of these folks are trippin off of. LOL

  4. Anonymous says:

    hmm, good to see a black man respond, but I think it could have been delivered a little better, maybe without so many offensive terms and references, such as calling her “retarded” and saying she should be hit upside the head a couple more times. I don’t take domestic violence as a joke, so that is very disrespectful of her to make fun of her situation, whether she made you mad or not. So the video kind of got off on the wrong foot for me…I wasn’t as impressed by the video as I anticipated :/

    • HB says:

      I understand what you are saying, but she was so horrible that I don’t mind. Sorry you didn’t like it though. 😦 My video was nice in response to that other dude though!!!

  5. Brandy B. says:

    I am happy to see another man besides my husband who has some sense about natural hair! Elle, you have to date this dude. He is too cute! Girl, that’s how my first husband got me with those eyes! Be blessed you are truly a good spirit and a wonderful entertainer.

    • HB says:

      LOL! I will say…I wouldn’t place the perm in the same category as bondage….but okaaaay girl…do you! His reply was just funny – I was just happy to see a dude approve of natural hair rather than saying that our hair isn’t as good as other races…

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