Deep Conditioning and Izzy Straight Out the Shower!

Today, I did a new DC mix, and I really liked it. While it didn’t have a lot of slip, it really made my hair smooth and decreased frizz. It was also very easy to make! Here’s my recipe:

– 1 cup of mayo (I used the EVOO kind)

– 1/2 cup of aloe vera gel (the watery kind by Lily of the Desert, not the kind for skin)

– 1/4 cup coconut oil

– 3 fenugreek seed capsules (powder removed from caps)

It ended up looking like this:

I stirred until it was very smooth and creamy (which was easy to do), and applied to my hair in eight sections. I ended up leaving it on for a couple of hours. While I was rinsing it, my hair felt smooth…but not that soft (which usually happens to me when I apply cold things to my hair). However, I did a quick condition with VO5 after rinsing, and the moisture was great, much better than usual! VO5 is usually very thin and not incredibly moisturizing for me – I use it for quick cowashes.

Here’s a pic of Izzy right out of the shower – oh how I wish I wasn’t too skurred to let her dry without product, but I’m so sure she would frizz out!

As you can see, lol, the curls get tighter around the perimeter. This is going to be interesting as it grows out. Overall, I’d definitely do this DC again – it’s super cheap and smoothing! Next time, I think I am going to coconut milk and honey as well.

Anywho, that’s all I got! Check y’all lata!


Adding Hair Update: On October 26th, Izzy turned 10 months old!!! Remember the BC? For more information on my color, check out my post on henna, which I used over my dye job from May – I had used Feria Iced Mocha and Garnier Herbashine in Dark Golden Blonde (Herbashine has no ammonia, and I found it much less drying than Feria).

10 thoughts on “Deep Conditioning and Izzy Straight Out the Shower!

  1. Anonymous says:


    But could you do a post about your hair color? Did you do it yourself at home and did you notice any difference in the moisture/health of your hair?

    • HB says:

      I dyed my hair once in May at home, twice actually, because the first time the color didn’t take. The first time was with Feria and I thought that was VERY drying – I had to DC my hair 3 times to get it back to normal. The second time I used Garnier Herbashine, and that was a good dye – it doesn’t have ammonia. It made my hair really soft, but I didn’t want to keep dying my hair so I just henna’ed over it. I hope that helps some…I thought I wrote a post but I guess not (I know I talked about it on my hair board though because I was mad that the color wasn’t taking) :/ I did it so long ago though I can’t really remember enough to do a whole post on it.

  2. Lori says:

    Awesome growth! Love the definition and the color, especially. Your DC recipe is interesting. I haven’t really done a good DC all year (can’t believe I still have hair), but this inspires me.

    *I think you should try to market it à la Kimmaytube LI. LOL Some folks might buy it!!! ;~}

  3. Hali says:

    OMG! (‘_’)

    I nearly choked when I saw that picture of Izzy. (That color draws me in so much. Is it dyed or henna?) Anywho, hehe, She has grown out so much, I love it.

    how long have you been natural for? Oh and how long did you transition before you BCed. =D

    • HB says:

      Thanks girl! I dyed my hair in May, then henna’ed over it in August (I think). I want the lighter color back (I love light/med brown on me), but I keep using henna for the conditioning.

      And I wish I had a prize for you as the first commenter, because I forgot to put the answer to your other question in my post! My 10 month anniversary was on the 26th, and I wouldn’t really say I transitioned…sorta, but not really, I cut my hair into a mohawk initially and kept the sides/back short with trims until I BC’ed. My hair was about an inch. I have a post on my BC day here too! I’ll post the link. 😉

      • Hali says:

        Haha! Awww, thanx for answering my questions, Elle! Your hair has grown up since so much since your BC. My hair idol.

        I think you look amazing with your red hair. I want my hair red now too LOL! ^_^

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