14 thoughts on “FAQs: About My Hair Color and Izzy Blown Out

  1. Susie!! says:


    i know u don’t know me but i would love to know the name of the color in your hair! i’ve been natural for two years now and i hate my dul hair color so if u don’t sharing the name of that color i would appreciate it!!


  2. Monzi says:

    You inspired me! Ive been following your blog for a few months now and this is my first comment! I have NEVER dyed my hair in anyway before (except for henna over my dark hair which didn’t really do anything) but i decided to do what you did. I bought herbashine and used it, but it did pretty much nothing to my hair after two applications. in retrospect i should have left it on for a loooong time because my hair has been henna’ed probably more than 15 times so it probably had a lot of lifting to do. today i bought dark and lovely honey blonde, and processed for over an hour. it lifted some color but not as much as i wanted, so i processed again (yikes, i know) and it got to a nice golden brown color. i was going to do an all over henna so that the blonde part (i only did part) would take color like yours, but i think since this is my first time experimenting with colors, i want to do different rinses on it for now, because i know once i let henna touch it, im gonna have to live with red from now until i decide to dye over it black or cut it off

    • HB says:

      Awesome! I really like Herbashine and was so happy it didn’t dry out my hair. Yes, please be careful! Since I have henna’ed I’m not going to dye my hair again until it all grows out, because I think that’s just too much processing and lifting, and when I first dyed my hair it was only about 3-4 inches, so if I had to BC again I wouldn’t be that upset, but now I have almost a yr of growth and there is no way I’m cutting this off, lol!

  3. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Your hair has certainly grown which one can tell from the size of your hot fro. Get it Elle! The photo looks phenomenonal. I tried to be honey blonde before but I was like this was wild and permanent for awhile. I do not know if it was the color I expected. But it was a professional dye bought from Sally’s. :/ Did it myself to create highlights but bled all over my hair. Thought I would never dye my hair. It took me about 2 years to grow it out.

    I guess if I ever wanted to dye again it will be a semipermanent or one of those temporary dye kit.

    I know those who are curious about your hair color and dyes in general will find your video helpful. Happy Hallow!

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