2 thoughts on “Curls in a Bottle Update!

  1. Vivianne says:

    I really appreciate your reviews! You seem so honest and spot on in terms of how the products work, that I feel comfortable taking your reviews into consideration when purchasing my products. I had to come out of hiding to ask whether your favorite products post is still current, and whether or not you continue to use those products regularly. I recall a while back you said you liked the Califia pudding as a styler and listed it as No 1 on your list of stylers. Has curl junkie replaced that?

    I’m newly natural, have a Twa and struggle with frizz. I’m still in the process of searching for products that work with my hair. I purchased a sample of the Califia pudding based on your review and found that it really does help with the frizz. Yet based on this current review do you find the curl junkie better in terms of frizz control for you?

    Sorry about all of the questions! Just a newbie trying to find her place in this natural hair world.

    • HB says:

      Thank you! And yes, I am still using the Califia Pudding as well. The Curl Junkie is my HG gel – but the Califia is more of a pudding or curl cream. That and the Donna Marie Dream Curl Creme are my favorites. I think I am going to start splitting stylers up with curl cremes and gels, because they give me different looks. My HG items aren’t listed in any order, but you’re right – I do need to update it! I think I’m breaking my “just 3” for each category rule though…lol.

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