Quick Length Update

Hi everyone! I know you all love a good length check, so here you go, lol! Initially I was going to wait until the end of the year, but I like these pics. I think this is average/normal? Shrug…


Izzy on July 24th

Izzy on November 4th

Oh, and let’s not forget how much hair I started out with…this was how my hair looked in February.

Izzy on February 27th

I’m curious to see where she is going to be at my one year. Anywho, I’ll talk to you guys lata!


11 thoughts on “Quick Length Update

  1. Hali says:

    Your hair a definitely growing like a wild fire. Though it may not show length wise in its curly state (sigh…shrinkage lol) but I can see your hair is getting BIGGER/BULKIER!


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