7 thoughts on “Curl Junkie Daily Fix Cleansing Condish & Beauticurls Leave-In

  1. teachermrw says:

    Thank you for your review of the CJ daily Fix. I am trying the product for the second time, the first time being last summer when I was three months into transitioning. For me, I didn’t think it worked well with my then-relaxed ends.

    Anyway, now that I am completely natural, I am not actually sure how I feel about the Daily Fix. When I rinse it out, I don’t find my hair to be especially soft. Rather, it feels more squeaky-clean, which I find unusual for a conditioner. But, then again, it is a cleansing conditioner. I do, however, detangle the hair just before I rinse the product out, and find that my hair detangles easily. Then, again, I have a TWA. LOL! I will continue to use the Daily Fix until the bottle is empty, but, I am not sure at this point in time if I will re-purchase. I agree that the smell is yummy. To me, it smells like minty bubble gum. 🙂

    • HB says:

      Yea, I like the Daily Fix either before or after a moisturizing condish. Also, I know I can’t use it everyday b/c it contains protein. I usually use it twice a week or so.

  2. nms says:

    Thanks to your CJ reviews, I’ve revisited that product line. I purchased the Rehab, Deep Fix, and Aloe Fix. I used the Deep Fix like I use the Banana Butta Leave-in, for a twistout, and loved it. The strawberry scent of the Rehab and the mystery scent of the Aloe Fix have turned me off, but I look forward to holding my nose and trying them both sometime next week. Definitely interested in that Daily Fix. I wonder how this compares to Darcy’s Daily Cleansing Cream, another product I’ve been eying for cowashes.

    As for the lady side-eying you…the thing that irritates me the most, and happens quite often to me in Philly, is women swearing I’m wearing a weave… Um, NO! It’s so sad because it’s obvious that so many black women in this city live and die by their weave to the point where they don’t believe that a good-looking hairstyle is actually growing from the person’s scalp…. uh, rant over.

  3. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    I was like thinking about it on the Repair Me, but uh ah I don’t know how much protein my hair enjoys either. Isn’t wheat extract a protein ingredient? I think my hair tolerate some but not if it is super strong. The price is a lot as well. Have you ever tried any hair care with keratin?

    I was just scooping out AG and read the fineprint about it needs to be at least 50 euros. I do not want a lot either. I was debating to buy samples to see how my hair does with her hair care. Hmm… letting it salivate on my thoughts. Shipping pay for UK items is heck expensive cost. She needs to open her hair care for US vendors. I like stuff on the ground not out of the air. LOL

    Yep it’s crazy what people think you have done to your hair. I mean she wanted to give me the side eye, I saw her eye twitching. She probably went uh huh in her head. haha 😉 Twists look different from wash n gos IMO. Just the beauty of our hair, versatility! I was all focused on the sour gummy candy bin in the Farmer’s Market. She caught me off guard.

    • HB says:

      Yep, wheat is a type of protein. I can tolerate that only if the product is formulated correctly and it’s not too much. That’s why my hair doesn’t really like Ecostyler. The only product I have used with keratin is AG Re: Coil, and it is WAY at the bottom. It’s in the last six ingredients.

  4. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    LOL An intimate moment with Elle and her hair. 🙂 Since you have been reviewing CJ, I was definitely eager to try. I bought the I think 12 oz of the CA Smoothing Daily Hair Conditioner which I have half left after having for about one week. This is the second week. I am trying to use a little at a time. I got an email introducing about the new Repair me at $29. I think it’s an 12 oz bottle if I am not mistaken. It is a protein treatment with keratin. I never heard of hair products containing hydrolyzed yeast?
    You hair does do really well with Curl Junkie.

    I have been eyeing the Daily Fix and the Cleansing Shampoo. Yeah with the price you have to make it work and not use often. Then you have to restock for yourself. But yeah I wanted to share a story with you since you mentioned the woman on the street. I had a sista who asked if I was wearing a straw set. I said it’s a wash no go. She said it’s really pretty. I was like thanks. I have had a lot of names being referred to my hair. I am like my hair is dang shapeshifter. haha 😉 Sample pack of Beauticurls smelled like Curl Rehab to me. I think both have same consistency and moisturizing agent. Thanks for heads up on Anita Grant. We ladies better jump on that esp. free shipping. Hello.

    • HB says:

      Yea, the Repair Me is a STRONG protein treatment. I can’t get that, lol, my hair does not like protein! And I totally get you with people asking what you did to your hair – people often ask me if it’s a twist out or something…

      Oh, and for Anita Grant, I forgot to say you have to spend 50euros to get free shipping to America! That’s a buzzkill. I don’t think I want that much stuff…my order only came out to about 30euros. Meh.

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