Think Your Hair is Too Short to Pineapple? You Thought Wrong!

So yesterday, I was having hair talk with on of my girls on the hair board, and she was telling me how much she looooooves pineappling. Her hair is much longer than mine, and she’s my hair nemesis (jokingly, of course), so my response was, “Psssssssssh, I can’t make a ponytail, I can’t pineapple!” She was very encouraging and let me know that she couldn’t pineapple until she was about a year and a half or two years into her hair journey, and when I got there, I’d LOVE it.

But it got me to thinking…sure I can’t make a FULL ponytail, but I sure can get  some bunches of my hair in a ponytail easily. So what did I do? I got off my couch and sauntered over to Rite Aid, and picked up a pack of Mini Scrunchies – these kind:

When I got home, I split my hair into five sections – two on top of my head (my hair is thick, so I didn’t want the scrunchie to be too tight and make dents in my hair), one in the back, and one on each side. I pretty much ended up looking like one of the Snorks. Observe, my friends…

I placed my satin bonnet over my Snorktails, and went to bed. In the morning, I took them all out (sorry, no pic). Now, the curls were intact, but obviously needed to be fluffed back out and grouped together. So, I took my spray mix of AV gel (Lily of the Desert kind, it’s more watery than Fruit of the Earth), a little bit of DevaCurl Set it Free, and rose water. Then, I shook it out. My hair looked good!!! Here’s the back –

However, as my hair dried, it felt a wee bit crunchy (I’m guessing due to the AV gel). So, I scrunched in some Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion and fluffed it out some. Here are some pics of the finished results –

Verdict? I love this! I haven’t tried to detangle my hair, but I feel like it’s going to be less tangled because my hair didn’t get to smoosh all the way to my scalp, my hair is stretched some, and it was so easy to refresh! I think we’ve got a winner, girls!

Do you pineapple? Pigtails? How do you maintain your curls at night? Sound off!


Update: Last night, I tried doing just two pineapples, but I think they looked more like broccoli stalks. In the morning, my hair was so spaced between the two groups of hair that I had to spray to refresh again. My ultimate goal is that I won’t have to spray! I’m going to keep experimenting. Here’s the top:

I may try to do a video tonight with 3 groups of hair…

38 thoughts on “Think Your Hair is Too Short to Pineapple? You Thought Wrong!

  1. iri9109 says:

    ok i dont wanna give a final verdict yet because i havent slept on it but i think you just saved my hair! i did a wash n go earlier & it was so weird like it was shrinking and flopping at the same time as it started to dry…not cute…so i decided to pinapple it to stretch it out (one on top, 2 on the sides, one in the back), and it really stretches out my roots but leaves my ringlets and spirals in perfect condition…i hope my hair is cute in the morning because its snowing out, i lost my diffuser attachment, and i’ll be darned if i do a fresh WnG and catch pneumonia because my hair was wet lol

    • HB says:

      My hair was like that for the day – the pineapple only preserves the curls for the next day. If you try to pineapple after a bad hair day, your hair won’t improve.

  2. DerbyCityNaturals says:

    Adorable snorktales or pineapple grove whatever you prefer. I reposted on my site to share the knowledge. Love you vids 🙂

    • HB says:

      Hey boo, thanks for checking out the post, and thanks SO much for putting me on!!! You da bestest, and your curls are – but you already knew this!

  3. vainjane says:

    wow thats amazing. i always thought my hair was too short for that too, but now i am motivated to try it.

    btw, your curls are very beautiful, and i’m lovin that color!

  4. atribitt says:

    I luv luv luv ur hair. Ive been secretly reading without subscribing but now I shall reveal myself! muhahaha. No I’m not weird. got tons of questions since I bc’d. need help defining my curls and I think ur posts may help me.

  5. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Your hair looks wonderful pineappled, Elle! Great after day hair. Never say never. I was doing pineappling back in the day and did not know the official name for what I was doing. I just considered as putting my hair in balls around my hair. Longer my hair got, the more I loved to pulled back in a barrette (my puffy curly ponytail).

    At night I have no ritual other than putting my curls into a satin scarf. I get serious bedhead regardless, so I have to wash my hair again in the morning. When I did the plait outs, I did not have to worry about it. Satin bonnet itches my head and ears. Don’t like. I would like to find a bigger satin scarf so I do not have to tie down my hair to hold in place over night.

    • HB says:

      Thanks girl! Yea, I don’t like scarves because that guarantees me smushing my hair. Did you try a bonnet that has a different band so it doesn’t itch? They make some that don’t have the actual elastic.

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        Yeah I have been trying to figure out a way to keep my curls safe at night without smushing also. Do you know where I can find a bonnet without the elastic band? I bought mines from Sally’s Beauty Supply and hate it! It is too itchy for me. Makes me want to throw it off and stump on it. Nah just playing. ahhaha. My skin is sensitive.

      • HB says:

        I can’t remember, but I have one that I use over saran wrap for henna that doesn’t have elastic. I either got it from Target or the BSS.

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        Ight. I will have to keep my eyes open and read the packaging to ensure it’s not some funky itchy elastic. Your update hair looks gawwgeous! I liked wearing puffs before I cut my hair summer 09. Now it’s too hard unless it’s straight to wear a ponytail. 😦

      • HB says:

        Thanks! I can almost get Izzy into a ponytail, but the front part still pops out. I can’t wait for it to get longer b/c I will be rocking curly ponytails for a month!

    • lifejourneytobenatural says:

      Elle I hear ya. Once your hair feels longer and can pull it back, it’s an amazing feeling. I rocked pulled back hair a lot if I did not want it froish. I have that problem too with the curls popping up. For me my hair is different lengths right now so it naturally pops freely. Glad you are experimenting with ponies. It’s fun! 😉

      Happy Hair.

  6. aina says:

    My hair is a lot longer but I still pineapple this way as my curls are much tighter and one pineapple causes the edges to stretch a bit too much. I think this is a great method. Someone on refers to it as the ‘pineapple grove’.

    BTW I haven’t been on your blog in a while. You hair has grown so much! Its gorgeous!

    • HB says:

      Thanks! I’ve been playing with different numbers of pineapples…last night I did two, which came out okay and helped not smush my sides, but there was a huge space at my crown that I had to spray to refresh and make all my hair fall back together again. Tonight I’m going to try three so there isn’t such a big space between the two ponytails.

  7. Lori says:

    I love your snorktails! (You’d better copyright that!) Our hair is about the same length & I tried to do a mini pineapple one night, but it left too much of the sides and back out. This will work much better. Thanks so much for the idea!

  8. Jacky says:

    hi Elle!
    Your hair is looking fab! i do the same at night. I put mine into 2 ponytails, one at the front and one at the back, although my hair does go into one, but i prefer 2. I find my curls easier to refresh the next day as well, works really well for me. At the moment though, i am not doing many wash n go styles, mainly twists.
    I also often put my hair into 6 or 8 big twists if i have a wash and go, loose twists, and the next day unravel them and refresh the curls some and that works fine too.
    Sleep with satin bonnet on.

    • HB says:

      Yah, my hair is too short to put in twists, because after it shrinks I would have to do a ton of little twists, and that’s too much time!

  9. Detroitgyrl says:

    I pineapple and it works miracles on my twist n curl sets. They last 5 days now. I couldn’t pineapple until after I reached apl though.

  10. CrescentCityQT says:

    Wow, I love the pineapple results. My hair is about the same length as yours and I can’t wait to try this out!!!!

  11. sweetpeacurli says:

    THANK YOU for posting pics of how you did this and the scrunchies you used. I can’t get over how much I love your results. My hair is long enough to pineapple, but somehow I just can’t get it to work for me – the exposed parts at the sides and back just get too kerfuffled while I sleep and I can’t figure out how to get them to recover

    This might just save me!!!

    P.S. What do you use to color your hair? I adore it.

    • HB says:

      Do you put a satin bonnet over them? That helps I think. I did a post about my hair color here. It’s just henna over a light brown dye. Hope that helps!!

  12. AndieCurl says:

    Elle, I love your hair! Do you do anything special to make it clump so nicely? Mine is so hit and miss with clumping!

    • HB says:

      Thank you! I don’t do anything special – just keep my hair moisturized. I know when I need to DC b/c Izzy will start looking like a frizzy mess!

  13. angie says:

    Ur hair looks awesome! I can’t wait to do my BC, just so I can do that. I can try it now though with my bantu knot outs. They do get tangles after about 2 days and I guess this my help!

    I am bookmarking this so I can try some time next year when I cut it (1 year transition in March) YAY!

  14. Ravengirl says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to get to this point so I can do ponytail baggying again. Your hair looks great in the last picture. 🙂

  15. Tamz says:

    This is exactly how I maintain my twistouts/braidouts/stretched styles! I love it. If I’m wearing a wash n go, then I just redo it every morning… I need to figure out how to define my curls for my WNGs like yours are! whew!

  16. Epitome says:

    I’ve been seeing all this talk of pineappling (made up word, yes I know lol) and was so upset that my tresses were not long enough to partake and you’ve found the way I too can be in the in crowd! *happy dances in your comments* I will be doing this TONIGHT!

  17. cassadie says:

    very very cute elle! I’ve done something similar before with like a mohawk of puffs and it works out phenomenally to go to bed with! but I love the after pic in the am….looks great! I dunno…is it weird to say I feel kinda like a proud auntie to izzy??? 🙂

    • HB says:

      Oooh mohawks!? I love mohawks! Did you post on it? I’m gonna go check your blog out…

      And lol, that isn’t weird at all!! Izzy has an entire family, everyone is so helpful and supportive. You guys are!

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