It’s Official. I’m Fancy.

So, the other day I was having a conversation with my Boo in My Head – but like, the conversation wasn’t in my head, I promise….**whistles, walks away**

Aaaaaaanyways, he mentioned something about using Pink Lotion on his hair. Of course, I replied with, “I’m sorry what? No no, wedondodat…I won’t even use that stuff on my dog!” True story. I told him to get some Tresemme Naturals, and if he lived near Target, to get some Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk instead of that nasty ol’ PL. Some Tea Tree Tingle too, if he wanted to go to TJ’s…I think he got the PM GVP kind from Sally though. Still tea tree. Funny story – so this dude is IN Target, and can’t find the Shea Moisture, and he’s like, “Elle, I can’t find it…” I’m like, “Did you check by the make up? There should be a display in the front over there with some gift sets, and they usually have the Shea Moisture, Curls, and Kinky Curly stuff over there.” He finds it. I have never been to a Target in Ohio in my LIFE. I go to Target too much.

He did a video on his results. I think this counts as a product review, lol! Check it out, ya girl is fancy. Bona fide and certified.


15 thoughts on “It’s Official. I’m Fancy.

  1. Jess J. says:

    I recently read the hair blog of a girl who used pink lotion…at first I thought it was a joke until I saw it listed again under her products for a particular style. I subsequently left her page, and said a prayer that her hair doesn’t fall out.

  2. mangomadness says:

    “blood of virgin angels” and “satin kitten fur” This is toooo funny! Glad you got him away from that dreaded Pink Oil *shivers*

  3. Halibel says:

    LOL!!!! This dude is a trip. Gosh, he so makes me want to rush to Target now…..I want some hairgams too. 😦 lol

  4. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Elle you gonna make him into a PJ. haha 😉 Hair-Gasm! It’s that serious. I know I love it when my hair feels good too in the shower. You just know you get this tingley like Earth, Wind, and Fire Happy Feeling. We can all thank Miss Sofi Tucker for the Shea Moisture line. I am glad that he enjoyed. Your boo gave you shot outs!!!

    Pink Lotion is old school. I remember trying it a few times back in the day. I never loved the greasy feel to it. People swore by it too. Glad it is more healthy alternatives now. You should find out what else he has been using and put him up on the real. A+ for him trusting your recommendation to go to Target and look for the hair care. Lucky it was there, not all Targets carry the newer lines to Target.

  5. dearheart15 says:

    Alright Elle!!! The entire time I was watching his video I was thinking about the old Herbal Essences videos…hair-gasms…lol

  6. atribitt says:

    Hmmm a little long distance e-affair. You better watch out. You know he was really thinking about YOU in the shower. I’m cracking up about the kittens rolling in cotton!

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