Tutorial: Wash and Go (Sectioning) – UPDATE!

My hair is still wet, but if my pineapple works I’m going to try for second day hair.

Update! Here’s my hair today…I think it looks okay, but I ended up having to add more av gel (LOTD) to get some white out in the under layers of my hair, and I ended up going to bed with wet hair, and the top got a bit disheveled. I also fluffed it out b/c it looked really flat. That back looks good though! lol Oh, and I used some Smoothing Lotion on the top as a refresher, and it has not dried out my hair in the low dew – my hair is actually super soft!

2nd Day Hair Back

Next Day Hair Top

14 thoughts on “Tutorial: Wash and Go (Sectioning) – UPDATE!

  1. Rennie says:

    Hi Elle,

    I’ve searched your blog looking for my answer (remembering the “Questions Policy” hehe) and I cannot get a clear idea of how you WASH in sections. I see how you apply products in sections and thats easy enough, but I can’t see shampooing/cowashing.

    Do you apply shampoo/condish, wash, and rinse one section and then go the next section and do the same? Do you apply shampoo to each section, then go back and rinse each section? How does it go?

    Thank you!

    • Elle says:

      I do everything for each section (wash/condish/comb if necessary) before moving on to the next section. I don’t really think it matters either way though, so people should do what they feel is best for their hair.

      • Rennie says:

        Doh! I just found my answer in your “Minimizing Tangles When You Wash and Go” video @8:00.

        Very informative. TY.

  2. sarah says:

    i used to section my hair like that… my lazy version of shingling. now that my hair is a bit longer, i don’t even do that anymore. i just lean my hair to one side and roughly add product to three areas and then repeat it on the other side, followed by a quick run through of the top.

    i see you’re from the area (DC). what are you doing in Cali all by your lonesome?

    • HB says:

      Thanks for the idea, sarah! Yea, I figure that because my hair is easier to get product on where it hangs more, I can stop sectioning when my hair is longer and do something like you said. I’m still not sure though due to my thickness and the tightness of my curls.

      I moved from DC because I hate cold weather…lol, I’m totally not kidding either! I hate that city!

      • sarah says:

        nah girl! we have the same thickness and density of hair, which is the main reason i like your tutorials and product recs. my hair is only about a few inches longer than yours stretched. it should work better for you actually because your curls clump a little better than mine do.

  3. Christy says:

    That video was great. I realize now that I am missing spots and need to make smaller sections. Also I know I am applying to much product in the front and miss the middle. I got some clips today for sectioning.

  4. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Your second day hair looks great IMO. Do you use your satin bonnet over your pineapple? Perhaps the dewpoints are leading me to find more moisture for my hair since it’s cold plus basically dry with the weather. I wonder how rain affects our hair because of the condensation in the air. I know my hair might poof if there is humidity and rain.

    • HB says:

      Thanks! I usually just put a satin bonnet on over it, but b/c my hair was wet I baggied as well that time – that’s what I didn’t like. My hair was was too wet. Rain itself provides moisture to hair, but just because it’s raining doesn’t make it humid. For instance, last night it was raining but I checked my dews and they were still 30.

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