First Impression Review: Oyin Hair Dew

I’m very tempted to not even try for second day hair with my braid out so I can play with this stuff some more…

14 thoughts on “First Impression Review: Oyin Hair Dew

  1. ash says:

    Your hair came out really cute! I just got my hair dew, I am so excited to try it after I wash my hair tomorrow. I am impressed off smell alone with these oyin products I can’t stop sniffing them!

  2. Halibel says:

    Wow…your hair looooooks great, Elle. So prettyful! =) Gosh, I wish I wasn’t so cheap when it comes to hair pruducts. That lotion sounds really good *bites bottom lip* but is way over my $5.00 limit on products. LMAO! -_-

  3. Lori says:

    I think your hair looks great. Thanks for another great review. You’re going to make a PJ out of me too.

    I’ve been experimenting with twists/twistouts and I discovered during the past two weeks that my hair does better when the twists do not stay in long…like a few hours set with many and then retwist in like 7 big twists (no added product) and I wind up with a looser curl/wave pattern that hangs and moves a LOT better than keeping the twists in longer with more product.

    Good luck. Please continue to post your results and if you have time your process as well. I’m still learning and we have similar length/shape/texture, so I’m all over seeing how you progress.

    • HB says:

      Yea, my hair isn’t a huge fan of twists…and I just can’t deal with how long it takes me. I can’t wait until my hair is longer and I can get away with like 10 twists on my entire head.

      My braid out only ended up lasting a day, so I’m not sure when I’m going to do one again…but I’ll try to record how I do it.

  4. sarah says:

    haha! girl, i’m starting to think we’re cousins or something… i can’t conrow for crap. i went through the whole “now that i’m natural, i must do protective styles” thing. i tried braid outs and they looked okay, but nothing beats a wash and go for me. also, it seemed sort of counter intuitive of a “protective” style to me to detangle, section, comb again, smooth with a brush, then braid when i can just detangle my hair once. besides, i’m not so heat sensitive, so i use a diffuser; i can’t stand being wet… i’m like a cat.

    • HB says:

      Oh yea…I rarely mess with other styles. I like my wash n gos just fine! I just don’t like having wet hair all day, and I don’t blow dry my hair (it makes it feel icky). I just wanna make a bun or ponytail so I can do my hair and just put it up for the day!

      • sarah says:

        i feel you. i’ve been natural for a year and a half and JUST tried a puff a month ago. it worked out well so now i have… two styles in my arsenal. shame on me.

  5. zainab1 says:

    Sounds great! I am going to give this a go. Wash n gos are pretty much my signature style. So, I do want to wait to hear of your results using just the hair dew on your wash n go, like you said. And go from there.

    As usual thanks for a on point review. Take care 🙂


    • HB says:

      I used it for a WnG today but I used CIAB on top because I had detangled my hair, which poofed it out, so I needed a gelly-type/serum product to clump my hair back together. The Dew wouldn’t do it alone – I don’t think it’s wet enough.

  6. atribitt says:

    Wow! I can’t believe Miss I’m-too-lazy-to-do-a-twist-out finally gave it a shot! Proud of you. Now, in all honesty, right now the style of it is a tiny tiny tiny bit Tammy Faye Baker-ish lol ( Faye0001.jpg)! But like you said you need practice! I’ve never done it myself. Anyway I like the ease and look of your natural curls better, but I can totally understand the desire for a different look, other than straight. Anyway, you TOTALLY sold me on the Hair Dew! Great and thorough review, thanks!

    • HB says:

      It’s a braid out, not a twist out! I tried twists and they took me four hours, this only took an hour thank goodness! I won’t even touch a twist out until my hair is really long and I can get away with like ten twists. And I love big hair, so I fluffed it out a LOT because otherwise it looked weird to me…I dunno, I like my hair better too but this is a good style to do when I don’t want to walk around with wet hair all day without using heat. GET THE HAIR DEW! It’s delicious!

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