I. Got. A. Steamer!

I needed some retail therapy, so I finally gave in and got a steamer. I don’t really have a lot of tables in my apartment, so I opted for a stand up steamer from Salons R Us. And, it’s already shipped! I’m excited, so I just wanted to share with you guys. Also, I’ve decided I’m not a huge fan of the Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment, so I am going to give it one more chance using my steamer when I receive it. We’ll see how that works out.

Oh, and if you use the code “exoticmommies,” you get $10 off. Gotta love that discount.

See you in steamland…xoxo

From Long Hair Care Forum regarding the benefits of steaming:

Benefits of Steam Treatments


According to Diane DeCosta and many others the benefits of steam conditioning are the following:
– Better Circulation in Scalp leading to better hair growth
– Cleanses Scalp, removing dirt and dead skin
– Brings moisture to your Roots and hair shaft
– Leaves your hair soft and smooth
– Great for Dandruff Sufferers
– Stops Dryness and Hair Breakage by outer layer of the hair shaft with moisture, allowing the conditioner to penetrate deeply into the cuticle layer.
– Makes hair stronger and healthier
– Improves Hair Color Treatments
– Can also act as a Facial Steamer
– It is especially good for those with locs, natural hair, and color-treated hair
– Helps Seal in Moisture to help reduce breakage (MANY ladies complain about ENDLESS Dryness on their Tresses)
– Helps with reversion on natural hair…. The cuticle is already swollen with moisture.
– Hair feels SILKY smooth – and “hangs” with weight.

30 thoughts on “I. Got. A. Steamer!

  1. Wanda Renee says:

    Some heutiful users complain that it doesn’t get the back of their head, or the bowl isn’t big enough. Have you experienced anything similar with your steamer?
    Is it easy to use and store?

    thanks in advance

    • Elle says:

      I never had any issues with that. I think the steamer is easy to use but store…not so much. I mean I don’t have any issues, but it is rather large.

  2. Bren says:

    SO… what do you think of the hair steamer?
    Any reason in particular that you chose that steamer over all the others?
    Thanks for this most informative blog!

    • HB says:

      I like steaming…it’s cool. Necessary? Nah. But it’s a nice luxury. I chose a stand up steamer because they are easier to set up and work with. I can also move it around easily.

  3. Milagros Adams says:

    I have a heautiful steamer, which I have had for about 3 months now. Say it with me now ladies “I LOOOOOVE IT!!! So much that at times I wish that was my steamer I woke up beside, instead of the hubby. Why, you ask? Easy answer. I have used it 2 times per week since I received it with either Giovanni or Aubrey. Can you say fab moisture- because I sure can. However the little researcher in me had to do a “unscientific” experiment (unscientific as I had no control group- just a joke for the fellow researchers out there). I have not used the steamer at all for the past 2.5 weeks and oh my gosh I want to run to my baby as my once fab moisturized hair is slowly becoming (oh no I cant say the treaded word so you can fill in the blanks) D_ _. Any who, I formally announce that my experiment is over and tomorrow I will rekindle my relationship with the other man (I’ll name him later, something sexy of course, not as simple as the hubby’s name- Mark). One suggestion however, I do keep the top vents open on my steamer as the top of the hair seems to experience more heat/steam then the rest but thats just my little thing nothing at all with the steamer.
    Happy Steaming.
    P.S. LUV the site

  4. Andrea says:

    Please let us know how it turns out. A lot of people review it once but never return to say if they notice a difference after say, several weeks or months of using it. It would be nice to hear if you notice and difference and whether after a few months, anything has really changed.

    • HB says:

      I will! I probably won’t do a full review after the first time, because I have heard that it takes a few times to really start to notice a difference in your hair. So we shall see…

  5. Onebydesign says:

    Hey Elle, I just ordered my huetiful steamer last nite and I am so excited!!!! I did two solid days of research and spent an hour last nite looking at nothing but heutiful steamer reviews and that was it, I bought it as an early bday gift to me (mine is later this month).

    The weather here in CT is BRUTALLY cold and my scalp is like a dried out ptach LOL and since I suffer from really dry skin and hair in the winter, I had to do something or I will go through my Oyin hair dew and whipped pudding (both of which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!) in a week from using so much on my hair & skin to keep moisturized.

    My daughter plans to use it as well, and I also intend to use it as a facial steamer, so I will come back & let you know what I think :o)

  6. atribitt says:

    What’s all the obsession about steamers? I am unfamiliar with the benefits. Please offer some. Thanks.

    Also, I wonder if you could face the opening and have it double as a facial spa steamer! Now THAT would be awesome! LOL

    • HB says:

      I updated the posts with the claimed benefits. Now, I will say that I don’t think one NEEDS a steamer…I just wanted one. And yes, you can use it on your face! 🙂

    • HB says:

      It builds up and doesn’t absorb well into my hair, and the last time I used it my hair felt coated and kind of hard when I rinsed it out…

  7. zainab1 says:

    Big congrats to you ! I am hoping to be following right behind you:) I see myself under the steamer already (lol)

    Thanks for the coupon code…btw, which company is it to be used for, the steamer or jessicurl ( in which I did not like either) Thanks!~


  8. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    I so want a Giant Christmas Gift Steamer! I even went yesterday to look around Sally Beauty and discovered that they have no steamers in their store. I think online they have them available for purchase. Then I started looking at the Huetiful Steamer versus the stand up steamer. I think the stand up steamer is convenient if you need to roll and move it around your place. I remember reviewing a few on Huetiful Steamers and ladies thought highly of this steamer from YouTube reviews.
    Who would not want some nice steam keeping our hair warm and soft? Steamers are a must have!! I imagine falling asleep already. LOL 😉

  9. Halibel says:

    O….M….G! I am so jealous, Elle! I have been crying about wanting a hair steamer on my forum for the past couple weeks. I definitely got to save up for one.


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