Mane Tail Groom – Does it Work?

At the end of September (about Sept. 28th), I began using Mane Tail Groom, or MTG, as a growth aide for my hair. I learned about this sulfur based oil after doing a lot of research on Long Hair Care Forum and Googling results and any possible side effects. Also, I was concerned about whether it would be safe for human use, because it’s actually marketed for use on horses. I decided that it was okay to use after looking at the ingredients, which are Mineral oil, sulfur, zinc sterate, glycerine,cade oil (rectified). I look at it being marketed towards horses the same way that products are marketed towards different races – the ingredients are what really count. Also, the same people who make MTG make Sulu Max Gro, which is the exact same formulation as MTG, but it’s marketed towards humans and has some added fragrance (and costs about 4x as much).

I purchased my MTG from Victory Canter for $13.95, which is awesome because they also have free shipping (FTW). If you look at the bottle, it’s not really the best thing to use to apply this stuff on your hair…so I transferred mine to my old Wild Growth Oil bottle, which has a tip applicator. You can also buy one of these bottles from the BSS or Sally. Oh also, this stuff smells like old dirty grill racks, which is why I wash it out in the morning. However, some ladies (like my girl Alex over at The “Good” Hair Blog) have said they can’t smell it in the morning, but I just prefer to wash it out. Here’s my routine:

– Shake bottle (you need to make sure the sulfur powder has mixed in with the oil) and apply MTG nightly to the scalp ONLY – this is very important because sulfur can be drying to your hair, and mineral oil isn’t so great either.

– Massage oil into scalp for a few minutes. This is also important, because this oil is very runny, and if you don’t rub it in properly it WILL get on your pillows and drip down your neck and all that unsexy stuff.

– Pineapple hair, and wear a plastic cap with my satin bonnet to bed, because I really don’t want my pillow smelling like this stuff!!

– Hop out of bed, turn my swag on, and cowash. Lately, I have either been using the Bee Mine Growth Serum (which is also a sulfur-based oil, but it smells good!) or my Deity America Tibet Temple and Nape Penetrating Oil during the day, but I’ve only really been doing this for the past couple of weeks as the year ends to see if I can increase my growth in the home stretch.

When I started using MTG, the back of my hair was sitting right on my collarbone –

I took this pic on December 17th –

I took this pic on Sept 17th of my hair…

And here Izzy is three months later –

Now…here’s the question you all want the answer to…do I think MTG works? Well, yes, and no, which is why I was reluctant to do a review on it. It is obvious that I’ve gotten good growth for the past few months, but my regular growth rate is .5 to .75 inches a month, which is what I was getting before I started using MTG. For me, it isn’t a miracle product and it’s not giving me an inch a month or anything like that. Since I’ve started using it, I’d say I’ve gotten about an inch and a half of growth, which is perfectly normal. Will I continue to use it? Sure why not – it’s cheap and even if it doesn’t make my hair grow like crazy, hopefully it will keep my rate from slowing down (earlier in the year, one month I only got like .25 inches when I wasn’t eating or exercising properly, and I was stressed, and I was really mad!).

My advice? Go ahead and give it a try. I’ve seen some people get ridiculous results from it, but I’ve also seen it not work at all for some people. But for $14, what do you have to lose? Also, when using any growth oil/aide, be sure you are not neglecting nutrition. Remember, healthy hair growth truly comes from the inside.


12 thoughts on “Mane Tail Groom – Does it Work?

  1. Krissy says:

    I used MTG a couple years ago and didn’t track my results. I ended up using Virgin Hair Fertilizer instead and got good results with it. Great review– as always!

  2. Likewaterforchocolat says:

    Great blog! I do not have this exact product, but the same formula made by Sulu (added fragrance?). Initially, I was hesitant about the mineral oil and the fact that my hair tends to need a lot of moisture to begin with. It does smell horrible, but it usually fades overnight for me. I had to learn the hard way after applying it before I went to work, the first time I used it. It does work for me because I do have a slower growth rate. I wonder if they tried using a better carrier oil (i.e. olive or castor) or do they use the mineral oil because it is more cost effective or maybe it’s just a better carrier oil for the sulfur? Hmmm?

    • HB says:

      I have no idea why they use mineral oil – Bee Mine makes a sulfur oil and it’s done with coconut and olive oil. However, some people say that MTG is more effective…so I’m not sure…

  3. Jade says:

    Great Review! I might haveta grab a bottle. I’m also stalking your blog… it’s good stuff. Thanks for sharing your journey. Question, throughout your year, have you tried any braids or protective styles or anything or does your hair simply grow like weeds (as it appears.)

    • HB says:

      Hah! I did wigs for a couple of weeks, but then it got really hot where I live and I stopped wearing them, and haven’t gotten back into it. I don’t do any other styles – I did a braid out once, that’s all.

  4. EssenseVibez says:

    great post–BUT imma old sckool hair nut–LOL
    i have fears when it comes to using new products on my hair–its good to read blogs like yours because YOU are my guinea pig–LOL—but 4real gurl your hair is beautiful just like you—remain blessed my friend!

  5. Bri says:

    Love your blog! From the looks of your pics my hair is a lot like yours so it’s nice to be able to read about what does and doesn’t work for your hair!

  6. skeeta says:

    Thx for the quick review! (its it obvi that I stalk ur blog? LOL) From ur pics it looks like thats about 1-1.5 inches which does seem normal for 2.5 months. My hair grows alot slower than urs so it may help me. Thanks so much!

    • HB says:

      LOL! You’re welcome. Yea, if your growth rate is slower than average I would definitely give it a try…I’m still looking for ways to increase my growth rate but I may have maxed it out already!!

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