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I’m in DC (it is cold!!! WTH?!), and some ladies on the boards told me that I need to go to the Hair and Body Boutique in Silver Spring for natural h air products. So, I got my dad to take me there today (thanks, Daddoo!). The shop was really cute, and even better, they had MyHoneyChild products for 40% off! I had never tried MHC because I am often overwhelmed on their site and I HATE shipping costs, but 40% off?!?! Yea girl, I was on that. After I looked through the products in an exhaustive manner, reading all the ingredients on each bottle, I decided to scoop the following:

– Honey Love Loc Mist (This is the only product I’ve tried so far…and I really like it! Even though it’s a loc spray it’s basically just a refresher spray with oils/water. It feels really nice on Izzy.)

– Cognac Vanilla Bean Hair Texturizer (To be honest, I got this one because it smells similar to the DB Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream, and it has a “splash” of cognac in it. Heehee.)

– Honey Nutt Conditioner (I read on NC that this was too heavy for some curlies, but they had much looser curls than me, so maybe I’ll like it. I wish you posted texture and porosity on NC under the product reviews instead of curl pattern!!)

– Whipped Soy Hair Jelly (It’s like a gel with a soft hold, apparently. How could I say no to that? And it has honey!)

I couldn’t find many reviews on these products, so have any of you tried them? If so, spill it! I think I am going to try the Jelly tomorrow…

15 thoughts on “MyHoneyChild Haul

  1. sarah says:

    girl, i feel you on the curl pattern thing on reviews! one of my pet peeves is when naturals confuse curl pattern with hair type. it burns me everytime because a chick will say a product/method worked wonders for her 3c/4a hair and i’d end up looking like who-shot-John because she neglected to mention her hair is fine and/or thin. hellooo! having 4a hair does not automatically mean you have fine hair. my thick hair spits on your review.

    BTW, i had a subpar experience at hair & body boutique. i went for black friday and found out that 1) they falsely advertised their sale and 2) they had less than half of the products i had planned to purchase. but, i never considered MHC before… *PJ eye twitch*

    • HB says:

      LMAO at “my thick hair spits on your review” – I’m the same way, I’m always trying to see their hair wet to see how thick it is, because my hair is anything but fine. Interesting about BF…they seemed to have a lot in stock when I was there but I didn’t feel like paying the inflated prices…

      • sarah says:

        yeah, with their black friday “sale” and inflated prices, i did a calculation and realized i’d have broke even if i bought online during black friday and paid shipping from the manufacturers. and that kinda pissed me off. AND they didn’t have the qhemet i really wanted. urgh!

  2. Jacky says:

    awww, i am always tempted to buy this line, but it is SO expensive in Europe plus the shipping costs, i am like, it’d better have gold dust in it! so i still haven’t tried them. Lucky you to get them on the ground and 40% off!! that’s not fair!!
    Hope they work for you, just read the comments and what you’ve tried, do report back!! (this is louloumatou from YT)

    • HB says:

      I will let you know! I was mad though, halfway through my jelly drying yesterday, I realized I had not rinsed out all my conditioner and there were white clumps at my roots – my hair is so thick that I sometimes miss spots and don’t notice until later – I had to wash again and ended up using my tried and true Curl Queen because I didn’t have time to take the gamble.

  3. skeeta25 says:

    ok seriously I work a few minutes from here and I didn’t know it existed. Ima need yall to keep me informed of these things! The Pj in me is roaring! *plansatriptogothisweek*

  4. zainab1 says:

    Should I say I have YET* to try the ones you mentioned above (LOL). I am a huuuuuge fan of my honeychild products. I ccurrently use the olive you and plan to use or even try another DC at this point. This little number is on point, my hair is drunk from all it does to my hair, hydration, shine, moisture that last for days after DC’ing.

    The type 3 creme, heavanly for not only my hair but for all 3 of my daughters hair and my oldest natural has type 4 hair and this works better than the oyin whipped pudding, very good hydration.

    I have a list of products that are next on my list to try from this company. But, from my experience thus far I am really liking my honeychild products. Its funny how to some this company may not be considered one of the most popular brands for natural hair you know like, oyin, QB, etc. oyin gives me no shine at all (Besides the dew, love that) none of the products I’ve mentioned here are deal breakers but,honeychild gives my hair the entire package. because thay weren’t the quote unquote most talked about. But, boy am I happy I have a mind of my own (LOL) and went ahead and gave these products a shot. I have had great results:)

    Can’t wait to here your thoughts on your new editions 🙂 keep us posted. Thanks for sharing, take care:)


  5. Rhea says:

    I have only tried the control hair creme and my parched curls love it!!!. I have type 3 hair. i think your hair is a little looser than mine and dont shrink up as much. any hoo enjoy!

  6. natural belle says:

    hi i just wanted to say how much i enjoy your product reviews! they are so detailed and non bias! your hair is lovely and though our hair is completely different textures your reviews are very helpful!
    thank you xxx

    that’s all xxx

  7. LaShawn says:

    I was looking at the deep condish, honey nut, and jelly myself. Can’t wait to hear all about this…sitting on the edge of my…uh…bed. lol

    • HB says:

      Used the Honey Nutt condish and Jelly this morning…I actually really liked the Honey Nutt, but I don’t think I would use it as a rinse out condish again because it’s VERY thin; I think I would rather use it as a leave-in. I used a bit of the Hair Dew as a LI (making sure to get my ends since it’s dry here), and applied the Jelly in six sections. There wasn’t a lot of slip but it seemed to go on okay…I shall report back later!

  8. Kitka82 says:

    Nice! I was at that shop last Wednesday before Christmas, and was looking for the Olive You Deep Conditioner… no such luck. But I DID pick up a jar of Donna Marie Super Buttercreme and I do think I’m in love… *sigh*

    If I had known you’d be in the errrrea, I woulda sent you a coupon for the H&BB. Enjoy your purchases… looking forward to some reviews… 🙂

    Naturalistas are cleaning that shop out for real.

    • HB says:

      Lol! Let’s talk about why I was so happy to see DM in a store that I almost bought it, knowing dang well I have a ton at home. Smh at me.

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