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First off, I’d like to say that I will not be purchasing anymore products from MHC. Why, you ask? Well, when I was in the store, I got a little happy buying products for 40% off on the ground, so I didn’t notice that the products do not contain preservatives. NO, vitamin E is NOT an adequate preservative, at least not for me. I have too many products and rotate them often, so I need products I do not have to worry about spoiling. Now…for the review.

From the MHC website:

Instant , Coats and Smooths the Cuticle

The HoneyNutt conditioner is a thick conditioner, enriched with moisturizers ,almond oil , honey. Intended for use as a detangling, moisturizing and conditioning rinse for very dry or damaged hair.Shampoo hair with the HoneyNutt Scalp Cleanser.

Directions :Apply a generous amount of conditioner to clean hair, especially the ends. Gently work through hair and leave on for a few minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Style as usual. Deep Condition with the Honey Hair Mask.

Raw Honey, Coconut Butter, Coconut Milk, Almond essential oil, and purified water

The consistency of this product is very thin, which makes it difficult to use as a rinse out conditioner in the shower, and I certainly was using a lot. However, it does have a lot of slip. The smell is a faint almond – nut type smell. I wasn’t crazy about it, but I wasn’t mad about it either. Because it’s so thin, I decided to use it as a leave-in instead, and I will say, I liked it best used like this. It was easy to distribute throughout my hair (especially when I could see in the mirror) and had some detangling properties. For NYE, I used it then put aloe vera gel on top – I think my hair came out pretty good (it’s definitely not heavy enough for me to use alone).

The other way I used this conditioner was as a refresher, which was BAD! Initially, it was fine and absorbed well into my hair, but once it dried….no no! Every time I shook my head or touched my hair, a little snowfall would happen. And I know it wasn’t coming from my scalp, so I was like uhhhh ew, flaky product!

Anyway, being that I have about 50-11 awesome leave-ins, and that was the best way I used this condish, I wouldn’t buy it again, even if it had preservatives. It’s easier to use up though, because it’s so thin – mine is almost gone and I haven’t even had it for a week (6oz)!

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  1. akismet-55a8298004f0b2233df0255fdaa80297 says:

    Personally, I have been VERY happy with MHC customer service and products. I find that many people that have issues with the shelf life of products is because they are usually storing them incorrectly; and regarding performance it could be that they are being used incorrectly…or, as many naturals know- not everything is for everybody. Many companies seem damned if they do or dont- if they use perservatives, then people will complain and say that they are not all natural; if they dont have perserv, then tey are irked because they are concerned about spoilage. Cant please everyone,but compared to many of the other natural (and more expensive) natural haircare lines I have used (QB and Bee Mine actually made my hair fall out :(!), I give MHC two HUGE thumbs up! My ONLY gripe is that I have to exercise patience when I order (I want my products, like, today!!! I like instant gratification!lol)

    • Elle says:

      Well…I didn’t even comment on their customer service, but if you are happy, awesome! And me not wanting to use products without proper preservatives is my personal preference, just like this is my personal blog. I have no issues with MHC. I liked the product as a leave-in but not a refresher – some products are great for one use and not so great for another. C’est la vie. I don’t understand why some people need to be so defensive about my reviews…it’s a personal blog about my experiences with the products I have used. I’m not bashing their business practices.

  2. Lisa says:

    I’ve usually don’t leave any comments. I just watch your videos on youtube, and I love your honest reviews by the way. It has saved me money and the stress to need to try a product that may not be all that good. I was thinking about trying MHC samples from the actual site because there were more options. I was so overwhelmed, but after 3 days of evaluating what would be best for me and what I’m currently looking for, I chose $50 worth of samples. She has a coupon code on her page for 10% off, and I tried to use it;it didn’t work. I emailed her because I was told her customer services was pretty good, but from my experience, not so much. After a couple of emails between the both of us, she finally asked me to copy and paste the the page and send it to her. After that I had no desire to purchase those products because I feel like she could have fixed the code or sent me one that works. I shouldn’t have to prove to you what your site says. That’s just me.

  3. sarah says:

    Elle, what are some websites where i can buy hair products? since i buy so much on ground, i only know about curlmart and hairrogant…

    • HB says:

      For Curl Junkie stuff, I love AveYou. They often have a coupon code and/or cheap shipping. Also, Naturalseuticals in GA ships fast, and I like Good Hair Mart too. Other than that I usually just order direct from the company. Oh, and 3 Sisters Beauty Supply in Texas just opened their online store. 🙂

  4. Jacky says:

    thanks for the review, great! i am always on the fence with her products because i did notice that she only uses Vit E, i already get worried with Darcy’s products cos i don’t think the shelf life is that long, i have too many products to rotate, so i need time.
    Thanks for the honest review as always! (louloumatou) x

  5. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    I have been wondering to try and use the MHC haircare. After reading your review, I am scared. LOL I have reviewed different opinions of MHC on youtube. It appears to be mixed opinions about this company. What you have bought from MHC, what would you repurchase and also what would you recommend?

    Btw could you provide a review on your new hair steamer? I am looking to purchase a hair steamer, and would like your opinion of yours? It looks like the one that can be used with tap water instead of distilled water. I could see myself getting pissy having to go buy jugs of water each time. LOL

    • HB says:

      I would not repurchase or recommend any of the products – I don’t like products that do not contain proper preservatives, even if they never go bad or moldy. I want my products to last at least a year! Also, nothing I tried was so super amazing that I would turn a blind eye to the lack of preservative.

      I have only used my steamer about four times, so I have not reviewed it as I am looking for long term benefits. Initially, I wasn’t all that impressed because my hair is not damaged or dry, so it’s not like it “fixed” my hair. I will say though, since steaming I don’t think I need to DC more than once a week, and more than that might even be TOO much because I could over moisturize my hair. Also, my hair seems to take better to protein. LOL…guess I should go review it!

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        I would say majority of the products I have tried and used that I followed your recommendation on your blog. I also go to youtube to find a consensus regarding certain products. It’s more yay than nay, I am like what the heck?! I will try. I think I have my line of staples that I really enjoy for my hair. I introduced Deva Curl line conditioners as my cowashes. They smell really good! I just bought the Deva Curl Daily Conditioner from Ulta last weekend after Christmas! I was like dang I needed a coupon or should have caught during its Deva Curl sale!!!

        I remember I used to get hair steaming after my relaxer back in the day. I had no clue what my stylist was doing and putting me under this big huge helmet that circled around my head and ever so often giving off this steam. Smelled wonderful! I missed that stylist, could cut and take care of a relaxed head.

        I don’t think my hair is damaged either. It would be good to use a steamer like you said once a week to open the follicles and get some good stuff in it. Then close it up. Do you use cold water after your steaming treatment? Since it has been cold in Cali, doing my wash n gos, I don’t use cold water with the rinse out conditioner. At this point it seems comfortable with a steamer with a stand versus table top model Huetiful. Everyone on youtube seems to love this steamer. Would love to buy both and compare/contrast. Does it feel like you’re in a spa with your steamer? hehe 😉

  6. Jarmelia says:

    No preservatives! Dang!! Why Gina?! Why!? I’m so tired of this mess… I wouldn’t use any of their products if I were you because they could already have mold in them that you can’t see and be applying that to your hair.

    Hell, this may be why so many folks are constantly complaining about itchy scalps and being allergic to certain products, they may be getting mold on their scalp.

    These companies are going to cause the natural hair market to get heavily regulated. You can just mix up whatever you want and sell it to people, if someone gets sick you’re butt is grass.

    I even found a company that sold organic bases, that didn’t use synthetic preservatives. Crazy right?

    • HB says:

      I know right? But I’m hoping they don’t go bad because she uses ingredients like honey, which usually already has preservatives…so maybe she just didn’t list them. I hope…I’ve never had ill effects like that from a product, but I’ll be sure to monitor it. I can’t waste product, lol! Also, this company has been around for quite some time, so I am thinking that the uproar over the lack of preservatives hasn’t been bad…I have never read about anyone’s stuff going bad from her, I just won’t purchase again.

      LMAO at “Why Gina…” I read the bottle again, and was like, “Well that’s just annoying.”

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