27 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey: Year of the Izzy

  1. Robin says:

    Your hair seems to grow really fast. It is sooo pretty. Hopefully mine will be that length by Summer (cross fingers). I had the barber shop habit for a while. This is the longest I have gone, prior to locs, that I have not cut it. Thanks for the inspiration and the product tips.

    • HB says:

      Thank you! Yea…I had my hair cut a couple of times with my fro hawk, and I was like yeesh…I need to stop cutting my hair!

  2. Onebydesign says:

    Awww Izzy has grown so much and looks so beautiful!! I look forward to the time when my hair gets to your length so that I can do more with it, though I love my ‘mop’ now at 8 months :o)

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us, you are an inspiration :o)

  3. Kanisha says:

    Elle, your hair looks INCREDIBLE/AMAZING/AWESOME! lol. I’m 7 months natural now & sometimes I feel like my hair’s not going anywhere! But this video has thoroughly inspired me. Thank you so much!

    • HB says:

      Thanks! And you are very welcome. 🙂 Your hair is growing, I always thought mine wasn’t until I made the video, lol!

  4. Ms.A says:

    Oh and I forgot to add..I Luv how you name your wigs. I think all of us girls do that haha!

    My wig’s name was Shaniqua

  5. Ms.A says:

    Your hair is GORGEOUS! The color really makes your curls “pop.” I’m thinking about henna but I’m scurred…don’t know much about it.

    It’s amazing how fast hair grows. Your hair grew so much.

    I like your edgy cut transition in the beginning. It’s unique and not many people could rock that…well not rock it fiercely like you did..I would look a mess.

    I bet you get “What U MIX WIT!?” all the time!

    • HB says:

      Thanks! I have another post on the benefits of henna and how I apply it. And LOOOOL at “what u mixed wit.” Most people just ask me if I have a texturizer or did a twist out. And then I look at them like 0_o.

  6. Nicole says:

    I absolutely LOVE your hair color. I have told you that before on Fotki. LOL But it’s gorgeous. I wish I had lightended my hair before I henned to get that burgundy color, but I must admit I do like the rich darn looks like auburn in the sun color as well. It’s so dark and rich. And I cant wait to henna again. maybe more red will show (besides on my grays lol). But looking forward to seeing your progress and mine in 2011! Best curly wishes and healthy hair 🙂

  7. Lauryn says:

    Omg!! im sooooo jelly! ur hair has grown soo much *tear* lol

    im trying to figure out why the top pf my hair is being so EXTREMELY slow compared to the rest of it.

    pretty sad… i had to trim up so i didnt have mullet head! ugh!

    • HB says:

      Thanks! Are you sure that it isn’t all the same length but the top has a further way to go? My hair is all the same length pretty much in inches, but the top falls shorter than the back because it’s higher up on my head.

  8. teachermrw says:

    Your hair has progressed nicely over the course of the year. Thank you for sharing your journey. 🙂

  9. atribitt says:


    I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t show more relaxer pics (I wanted to see how your hair looked completely relaxed). But the post IS titled “natural” hair journey.

    Izzy has grown soooo much, and she is absolutely GAW-JUS! I used to think we had the same hair type when I first subscribed. But thanks to your info I’ve found out my exact hair attributes. Even though we have different hair, I am staying a SUBSCRIBER! Your cute, funny, and informative. Great combo! Keep it up!

    • HB says:

      I have a folder of them on Fotki, I can add some to this post for you. 🙂

      And thanks! I’m looking forward to year two. I’m trying to leave my hair alone more (I got into this habit of doing my hair 2+ times a day if I didn’t like a product, and now I’m just going to suck it up) and let Izzy do her thing!

      • atribitt says:

        well apparently messing w Izzy so much hasn’t affected your growth! I’m going to check out ur fotki and thanks sooo much for posting some relaxed hair pics! I like wild natural free Izzy over slick straight Izzy… but it was cool to see what u used to rock. It was actually kind of weird lol… like it was someone else!

      • HB says:

        Wait I didn’t change it…er?

        Ohhh wait you meant the subtext right? Yea I had to! I kept getting all these emails asking about how to get the perfect curl LITERALLY, when that is NOT what my journey is about (and say that in my “About” page). I didn’t want to confuse people…

  10. sarah says:

    reason #7 why you rock:
    you wore the Kesh Cut! how cool are you?!

    i, too, have an interesting relationship with headbands. they tend to chill atop of my hair and never really touch my head.

    • HB says:

      OMG I feel like we must be long lost besties…I love Kesh and decided to cut my hair like that after getting into her blog! I didn’t think she was that popular so no one would notice…which they didn’t, lol!!!

      Yea, headbands hate me. That’s fine, I hate them back! 😛

      • sarah says:

        yeah man! i also had really straight hair. i am always perplexed when naturals talk about how they couldn’t get their hair wet or mess up their perm. i never had that problem. my straight hair stayed straight always.

  11. bdbenjamin says:

    Congratulations on a great first year, Elle! You’re my hair hero! :o) Looking forward to 2011…. hopefully, my curls will grow out as much this year as yours did in 2010. Peace!

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