4 thoughts on “Product Review: Curl Junkie Aloe Fix Lite

  1. CrescentCityQT says:

    Thanks for the review Elle!!! But to be honest this product reminds me of the JessiCurl Rockin Ringlets Potion. It definitely does leave my hair soft and it feels like my hair is even more wet when I apply it. So if you were ever thinking about buying the RRP I would hold off. I would have to wait an hour before I would diffuse because my hair would just be so freakin wet!!!! But I think I’m going to stick to the CQ and the CIAB. Thanks again girlie!!!! O yeah just made my 1 year BC anniversary!!!!

    • HB says:

      Oooh, interesting. The Jessicurl products I have tried, I didn’t really like, so I wasn’t planning on buying more.


  2. atribitt says:

    Hey, what about the pics?

    Look at you and your ponytail… I’m so proud… I think this is the first video I’ve seen where you’re not showing severe symptoms of HIHS!! Go pony! LOL

    • HB says:

      The pics are at the end of the video, did they not show up for you? And yes! The pony really helps me from having my hands in my hair all darn day. I needed to put Izzy away for a bit!

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