10 thoughts on “Karen’s Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Hair Mask Final Review

  1. Dawnelle says:

    Im glad you Dix this review because I was going go buy this but I really don’t like thin DCs. What do you think is a good DC to use without a steamer or bonnet?

  2. Milagros says:

    Hi- I’m 5 months big chop and having been doing great to this point. My hair typically is very well moisterized however, for the past week my hair has been UBER, UBER dry. I live in Baltimore for which the weather has been very cold the past week. Im in no way a product junkie as I have sticked to work works for me. (Chargin valley bar soap, giovanni smooth as silk cond, giovannia direct leave in, oyin honey dew and KKKC). I first tried honey and EVOO deep condition. I went to Oyin this weekend and bought some honey hemp cond. Nothing seems to be curing this dryness My hair drinked it dry just like it has been doing everything else. Do you have any suggestions. I’m willing to try anything as I hate DRYNESS!!! Thanks

  3. Kels says:

    My hair seems to be ‘moisture sensitive’, and if I overmoisturize I get poofy hair as well, even tho I’m still transitioning. And I’m the same way – I need to be able to get at least 2-3 different kinds of usage out of a product if Imma drop over $15 on it.

    Sidenote – your make up in this vid is fly. 🙂

  4. teachermrw says:


    More often than not, I believe that products are to be used the way the instructions outline. It would be interesting if you were to use the product, as instructed, three to four times.

    Alsoi: Perhaps you were expecting too much from this particular product? If the directions say 20 minutes, and do not indicate the use of heat, then it seems to me it’s not an intensive conditioner, despite the price. I think KBB product line is simply on the pricey side, and the price of the products don’t necessarily gauge what the product should do.

    • HB says:

      Right, and that’s why I said it wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t good for me how I wanted to use it, and I have other conditioners that I can use however I want and they work great. For me, if I am restricted on how I can use a product, it’s not really worth it. My regi is to dc with steam once a week, so why would I like a product where I can’t do that? My products need to fit in with my regimen, not the other way around.

    • HB says:

      Oh, and the issue I had with it was not that it wasn’t moisturizing enough, it was TOO moisturizing, which is why my hair poofed out. Sorry if that was not clear in the video. The description on their website states:

      The Luscious Locks Hair Mask is a wonderfully nutritious conditioning treatment that you can use as often as your hair needs it.

      Conditioning doesn’t get deeper than this because everything you need for your hair is in this jar. Detangle, soften, strengthen, grow. Saturate your strands with this rich blend of herbs like shikakai and rosemary which are known to promote hair growth, arnica and nettle to strengthen your hair follicles and aloe for much needed moisture. It is called Luscious Locks for a reason.

      I have talked to a few other ladies who also had an issue with it being too moisturizing. I have another jar so I am only going to use it to DC after my henndigo treatments without heat.

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