27 thoughts on “6-7 Month Length Check

  1. Quinisha says:

    Elle, your hair has grown so much! I cut my hair on October 10, 2010 and it was like I had man’s haircut almost, but a little higher.
    I have noticed that the side of TWA that I sleep on the most isn’t growing with the rest of my hair. I recently started trying to sleep other ways to prevent this. Are there any tips on sleeping with a TWA?

  2. Jess J. says:

    Your hair grows CRAZY fast!!! I get so scissor happy and am trying to stop, but it just acts so much better after a little snippy snip lol. My hair has just gotten to where I can twist it up and it looks like “something” when I untwist it. I’ve also just discovered Kinky Curly and about to search your blog for product reviews and to see how you used it!

  3. Lyn says:

    My hair is about at the same length as your hair was in July. I did my BC in May and it was at about a half inch. Looking at your youtube video’s of your hair back then and looking at it now gives me strength since mine is at that very awkward length now. Did you put the ayurvedic herb pastes on your hair? If so, do you feel it helped with the growth?

    • HB says:

      I just bought my ayurvedic pastes in January. Before that I had only used henna and amla (only a few times usually mixed with henna). So, I haven’t been using them long enough to comment on growth.

  4. Alicia says:

    Your hair has really grown in that length of time. You and Izzy should have a party to celebrate the growth. BTW, I enjoy your blog and updates.

  5. Ronda says:

    So green right now. After a year off the crack I still have very short TWA because I have super tight pen coils. I can’t wait to get to last year Izzy. By the holidays you will be talking about how your ponytail was high and now you can pull it down.

  6. Aiden says:

    I always feel like I should be way more excited about my length retention as well. Lol, there’s just something about playing in your hair every day that makes it seem like it’s not really growing or something. My hair is about as long as yours was in the July photo and somehow I feel like it’s been this same dang length for months when I know it’s not true! I looked back at a picture of myself in June and said, “Damn, I was almost BALD!” Hahahaha. You’ve just got to celebrate the little things and embrace the journey, ’cause it’s a long one!

  7. Kels says:

    YES!! Shouting it from the rooftops, YES!! Lol!! 🙂 I love Izzy, she’s my friend. Please give her credit where credit is due, as she is growing big and skrong.

  8. Kitka82 says:

    It’s like watching grass grow, ain’t it? Your hair has grown a lot though. Very beautiful!

    My hair’s growing pretty fast, but I’ll be more psyched when I get to ponytail length!

  9. atribitt says:

    Girl please. that’s a hell of a lot of growth for 6 months! plus i’m super excited because i can imagine just how long it is pulled straight! Congrats and happy growing!

    • HB says:

      Nah, I don’t think it did. I usually only henna once every two months anyway. I’m trying to finish mine though so I’m doing it once a month now.

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