An Overview of Conditioners

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that I am currently on  “no buy” until March. However, I know better than to totally restrict myself, so I’m allowed to buy conditioner (basically because I condition my hair daily). I’ve tried a lot of new condishes, and retried some that I used when Izzy was much shorter, so I thought I would give an overview of them. Surprisingly (and thankfully), none of them have tangled my hair. FTW! So…here are some to try if you need something new in your life:

DevaCurl One Condition: Lovely smell, lemongrass but not too herbal. This one is a light cream with a lot of slip, and is awesome for detangling. I only needed to use a pea size per section to detangle with my Tangle Teezer. It leaves my hair soft and nourished. However, I haven’t gotten to use it as a leave-in because glycerin is high on the list and our dews have been 30 and below lately.

Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Daily Smoothing Conditioner: Very light and smells amazing…like pina colada. I have used this as a leave-in, refresher, and rinse out. As a leave-in and refresher I like it, but it could have a bit more moisture. I prefer to use this as a rinse out – it has a lot of slip and feels amazing, and even after I rinse my hair feels velvety.

Curl Junkie Beauticurls Daily Conditioner: This one has my beloved strawberry ice cream scent, is great for detangling and also makes my hair feel amazing. However, it is VERY thin, almost watery, which makes it difficult to use in the shower, and I feel as if I have to use a LOT because it’s so thin. I like it, but I wouldn’t buy it again, because at $14 for 8oz, I need more than four uses out of my condish.

Nature’s Gate Hemp Nourishing Conditioner: Smells kind of funky (herbal), but gets the job done. Uber slip and feels especially nice on the ends of my hair. Also good on dry hair for reducing frizz and adding moisture. And at $6 a bottle for 18oz, I would definitely buy this again.

Nature’s Gate Aloe Vera Moisturizing Conditioner: This one is great!!! VERY similar to the Hemp condish with a sweeter, better smell. I reeeeeaaally like this one. I put it on dry hair at night and the moisture lasted, and in the morning when I rinsed my hair it felt like I had DC’ed overnight (even without a plastic cap). If you don’t like the smell of the Hemp condish, I highly recommend this one. Definitely a re-purchase.

Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan Conditioner: Now this is a product with argan oil that I am NOT giving the side eye. Unlike most argan oil products where argan oil is the second to last ingredient, this conditioner has AO as the fifth ingredient. THANK you, Kiehl’s!!! Like the directions say, leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing…I like this better as a RO than a leave-in as well. Feels very nice, but I wish it had more slip. Try it out for $7 for 2.5oz before you spend $19 on 6oz. I probably won’t buy this one again because I prefer the Nature’s Gate condishes and they are MUCH cheaper.

Aussie Sydney Smooth Conditioner: Exact same thing as Aussie Moist basically…has the a-cone. I love the slip this gives and how nice it is for detangling, but I use it at the end of my wash cycle because I don’t like leaving cones in my hair for days. I’d probably buy it again because it’s easy to get, or I’d just get the Moist (even if I hate the name, lol).

Loreal Eversleek Reparative Smoothing Conditioner: Meeeh, this one is aight. Cone-free, but doesn’t have a lot of slip. I’d rather use it as a base to my ayurvedic conditioning treatments instead of using it as a rinse out by itself, and I don’t think it’s moisturizing enough to leave-in. It’s cheap, but I don’t think I would buy it again…also contains glycerin and alcohol (yicks), so I wouldn’t leave this one in.

Curly Qs Coconut Dream Conditioner: Still love this one, and will probably buy again, especially since I can purchase it on the ground. Has great slip, smells like coconut cream pie, and is very moisturizing without glycerin. I like this as both a rinse out and leave-in.

AG Thikk Rinse: I really like this! I use it sparingly because it has protein, but it has a pretty nice slip, smells like apples, and rinses nicely. It doesn’t feel producty or gunky in my hair. However, the bit bottle is like, $37 when it’s not on sale, which is WAY too much to pay for something that has a cone, in my opinion. I have a feeling this is going to last me a long time, so I haven’t decided if I’ll get it again, and I definitely wouldn’t get it if it wasn’t on sale (I got it for $10). I also like this as a leave-in.

Well, there you go – that’s currently what my shower looks like – covered in conditioner, lol. For the past couple of days I have been styling Izzy with conditioner with either Curls in a Bottle or my Knotty Girl Leave-In on top for extra frizz control, and I think I am going to continue this styling regimen for a bit. It dries soft and fluffy, and I don’t have to worry about a styler building up on my hair or feeling tacky, like some gels do (*cough cough* Eco Styler). Since I can’t seem to stretch a wash n go to save my life (what can I say, I love conditioning my hair daily), this is a nice compromise.


5 thoughts on “An Overview of Conditioners

  1. atribitt says:

    I have a conditioner that’s working for me now, thanks to your recommendation (Tresemme Naturals). But I will definitely keep the Nature’s Gate in mind since I have easy access to it. Great post, and I’m grateful for the READ and not the WATCH every once in a while! LOL

  2. Jacky says:

    great reviews there Elle! i had totally forgotten i used to swear by Nature Gates conditioners when i lived in Asia, have to see if i can get them here somewhere! 🙂

  3. sarah says:

    good list, but it makes me wanna spend money. and, i think you can’t stretch your wash and go because you LIKE to condition you hair, not because the style doesn’t hold 😉

  4. Monica says:

    Thanks for reminding me about Nature’s Gate Hemp Conditioner! I was using and loving it before we moved but haven’t look for it since!

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