6 thoughts on “Mixed Silk Review / Eco Styler Argan Oil Final Verdict

  1. iri9109 says:

    it does stink! i dont know if i would buy it again, but i think the 1 bottle will last me a long time because i dont use it alot…i like the mixed silk DC better, which i used as a leave-in before too…i wanna try the shampoo, but im kinda scurred of the sulfate…congrats on the naturally curly deal!

  2. Rhea says:

    What color is ur lipstick and where can I find it? How do u get so much volume in ur hair? I luv ur vids. Keep up the good work

    • HB says:

      Thanks Rhea! The lipstick is Brave Red by MAC – I got mine from either Nordstrom or Macy’s. It’s not a PRO color is it’s easy to get. The volume is from me playing in my hair like I do in the vid, lol…I can’t keep my hands out of it.

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