18 thoughts on “Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream Review

  1. JayDubb says:

    I used this for my daughters 3c hair and it was not good. I can forsee build up and it was way to think for her. I bought it because I got a sample that was light and creamy and worked beautifully. I really hate that 8 dollars is gone. Plus I thought their products would be more natural and they just aren’t 😦 I ran out and bought their kids shampoo which I must say I love the smell of but I thought I was running away from the ingredients that I found in them.

  2. JMS says:

    I received a sample of the Taliah Wajiid Curly Curl, and it works perfectly on my thin hair texture to bring curl and thickness. I guess success depends on the texture of your hair! I have been looking for this product for over a week now, but I would surely recommend it. It’s light and does not bog down the hair. It keeps the hair in place nicely after a twist out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    l love the products. The best is the conditioners & Loc It Up (OMG!!!)! I’m sorry but l was never able to find anything that would tame nor make my daughter’s extremely coarse 4b extra dry hair look like hair (instead of cotton) except the Loc It Up. Ojon costs me $60 just to get some moisture in her hair (no shea butter alone wouldn’t work either). But l used the Loc It Up with the shea butter and voila!!! Her hair was so pretty and lasted so long and it has never been so beautiful. I’ve never enjoyed combing her hair (& neither has she) until l came upon this product line. By the way, I think maybe you should try the Loc It Up just because of how it defined my daughter’s curls that l never EVER knew she had. l also use it to put her hair in small ponytails and l also use it in my hair since l went natural 2 months ago. There’s nothing like it! So awesome!!!!

  4. Sharon says:

    I didn’t watch the entire video, but your comments so far were interesting. I decided to google the ingredient Sodium Polyacrylate, because it sounded suspiciously not good for my hair. Turns out it’s primary function is to absorb water, and it’s used in baby diapers for that purpose. So that’s probably why your hair felt dry after applying the product.

    Anyway, I may try it. I received a sample of it at a natural hair show.

  5. CountessHoney says:

    No wonder you don’t like it! You used almost half the jar on two applications. You will have a coating on your hair if you use so much! Even if your hair is thick, as you say, you are your own worst enemy on the use of this product and are preventing people who may like it to not try it. You just need to get help with your hair. I use this product and I love it, the Curly Curl product. I love it. I use a shea butter leave in conditioner with it because it thins the Curly Curl product and helps give it sheen. Unless you are thoroughly familiar with a product and know how to use it, I would refrain from giving damaging information to others about it. That’s not very sister-like. I don’t work for this product and actually find that it’s the best product for my naturally curly (not kinky) hair.

    • HB says:

      Your comment gave me a chance to address some possible misconceptions about my blog. I have responded to you in a separate post.

    • ayanawebb says:

      I use the same product and love it, but to each his/her own. Just because it works for one doesn’t mean it works for everyone else, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. As someone who uses Taliah Waajid products regularly, it interests me that there are people with different reactions to it, but it doesn’t offend me, so she shouldn’t be held at fault for the curly cream not working well with her hair…. **shrugs**

  6. teachermrw says:

    I’ve tried two of the Taliah Waajid/Black Earth products: The Protective Mist Bodifier, and the Kinky Wavy Natural Herbal Style and Shine. The former left a rather yucky residue on my hair, and the latter left my hair feeling dry and crispy. My hair doesn’t seem to like glycerin, which is much of the composition of the Kinky Wavy Natural Herbal Style and Shine.

    • HB says:

      I still use the JBCO shampoo, but I also use the Donna Marie shampoo as well. The Cush Cosmetics shampoo is good too, I just reviewed it.

      • Ricky says:

        Thank you for the information. I just tried the Aveda shampoo, which is suppose to be a all natural product & it was cool but it had a lot of ingredients I wasn’t to found of on top of being expensive. Also run away from the knock off Suave version of this. It’s absolutely horrible! You might as well wash your hair with laundry detergent! Uggh lol

  7. Monique says:

    I use that product for my twistouts and absolutely love it. I have not had any issues with product buildup. I think like with anything, it varies per hair type. Sorry it didn’t work out for you.

  8. defygravity says:

    Good to know about the Waajid product. The ingredient list that you read sounded pretty bad. I know that Trideceth (sp?) is a silicone, and a low grade, non-water soluble one at that. It would make your hair feel nasty after a couple of uses.

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