So…Let Me Clear This Up…Curl Definition and The Perfect Curl

Just randomly…here’s a pic of my hair today when it was pretty much dry with no stylers – I left in some DevaCurl One Condition and used Beija Flor Naturals Hemp Buttercream (which was a wee bit harder to absorb on wet hair), with a bit of Oyin Hair Dew on top. Gotta love the frizz…but I love the big hair! Floppy mop, hehehe.


Also, here’s the other video I referred to!

5 thoughts on “So…Let Me Clear This Up…Curl Definition and The Perfect Curl

  1. sisyhb01 says:

    yeah, that was something I had to get over my self.. but I have since learned to love my coils, and have had products that keep them defined. Like you said the key is moisture, moisture, moisture! I have tiny coils, that are gorgeous when wet. But lordy lodry the minute they dry!. So far kinky curly is the only thing ive found that keeps them moist and curly upon drying, if I’m going to wear them out. But, now i’m just working on getting my length because my shrinkage is insane! anyhoo, yes ladies you cant look at anyone elses hair/curls, you have to love your own!! There is no chemical free majic wand to change your curls!

  2. CrescentCityQT says:

    Elle I have the same thing happen to me all the time! Then when I say all I do is use leave-in conditioner and Eco-styler gel the women that ask me the question roll their eyes! I hate when my mom tells people I spend hours and hours on my hair and have all these products. True I have products, I am a product junky trying to be less junky-ish, but I do correct her when she says hours and hours. A co-wash and diffusing session may take 30-45 mins out my day and thats it. My point is that I feel what you are saying to the fullest. O yea, YAY for apologizing lol! That’s the first step!

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