Creme of Nature is Playing With My Emotions

I’m not sure if you all knew this, but I was a HUGE HUGE fan of Creme of Nature’s shampoo when I was relaxed – the regular one in the red and white bottle (Even if I was told it smelled like dog shampoo when I was a child – Hey little girl, if you’re reading this, eff you). That shampoo was effin’ amazing! It was the only shampoo in the world that detangled your hair while you are CLEANSING. Although my other shampoos are very nice and do not dry my hair out, they certainly do not detangle. Unfortunately, by the time I wanted to go back to my tried and true love, he was gone. They replaced all of the old formulas with new swanky sounding ingredients like coconut and sunflower, and gave them tacky orange bottles that would give me a headache to look at in the morning. I never tried the new stuff, but I have heard that the consensus is that it’s just not the same (even quite crappy). No bueno.

Well today, someone started a thread on LHCF about “vintage” Creme of Nature, so I went to their Facebook site and saw that they have been leaving the kind of messages that will tug on a product junkie’s heart strings. From Facebook:

We’ve hinted to several of you one-to-one that something is coming. We can’t quite reveal it yet but we’re taking you back to the old school with a new twist! Stay plugged in for more information.

So of course, I gotta get all up in their Kool-Aid and see if I can get some info outta these folks. I coyly left a comment:

Bring back the old formula!!!!! Pleeeeeease it was magical. šŸ˜¦ (So coy, right? You love it.)

And they responded:

Elle…take heart…we’re dropping hints all this month about news that’s coming your way that will turn that frown upsidedown!

Another Facebooker said that she hoped that they are going to bring back the old formula and all they did was wink at her. This is just cruel! They said that by the end of the month we’ll no longer have to hold onto the past. These cryptic statements make me think they are bringing back the old formulas, or using the old base formula and adding something trendy, like argan oil. Rumor has it that their revenue has taken a HUGE hit since changing all of the formulas that WERE PERFECT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Customers have been going Creme of Nature crazy trying to find an old dusty bottle lurking in the dark depths of a ratty BSS behind the paper shredding mill (okay maybe that was just me). Hopefully, they are listening to their consumers and bringing back the golden child.

How do you all feel about it? Did you love the old Creme of Nature? Do you lay awake at night wishing for the good ol’ days? Can you live without it? Would you sell your first born for some shampoo? Or, are you happy with the new formulas?

Let me know, pals…personally, I am crossing my fingers and will be stalking their Facebook until I get some answers.


22 thoughts on “Creme of Nature is Playing With My Emotions

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so happy that it’s not just me. I’ve only ever used the old Creme of Nature. I’m 28 now. My hair doesn’t know what the hell is going on…and is reacting as such. I need the old formula back ASAP!

  2. Mara says:

    I thought something was different about it! My hair loved it and Ive only have ever had natural hair! There has never been a shampoo like it and my mom used it on my hair as a child that and nexus nut I’m pretty sure that’s change too! All the great thing always seem to get discontinued you would think these companies would learn!

  3. lovelynurse73 says:

    Ok, gotta comment on this one cuz you hit a NERVE! LOL! I LOVE the old formula! I remember back in 1980 something šŸ˜‰ when my mom began using the regular formula on my hair…I have used it ever since…well ever since they got the bright idea to “evolve” and change up the routine and messed it up for errybody! So…I am hoping they bring back that which was GOOD and make a whole heckuva lot of us “loyals” say “hallelujiah!”
    – Peace n blessings!

  4. Rems says:

    Its actually kind of ironic because I didn’t discover Creme of Nature old formula shampoos until Fall 2010. I literally walked into the 3 closest BSS in my area and they all have liter bottles of ALL the old formulas (red, green, and blue label) for $8.99!

  5. kurlycuteesmomma says:

    I really hope they bring it back. I used it while my hair was relaxed (the red and tan bottle) and was glad I didn’t have to switch shampoo when I decided to transition (1 year in April,woohoo). That was short lived when I ran out and realized the new bottles had sulfates. I’m using SheaMoisture shampoos now, which I like, but they don’t do like my old red and tan ….. sigh

  6. AJ says:

    yes omg elle I hope they bring back the old formula because I used to love them until they changed their ingredients !!

  7. atribitt says:

    yep, it was my HG when i was relaxed. my stylist used to SWEAR by it for at home hair care.

  8. Krystal says:

    Hey Elle, I just got done reading your post about creme of nature and there is a website called that still sells the original. They have a gallon size for $40!!!

    • HB says:

      Yea…lol, I almost ordered that…but the shipping is like $30. I love it, but I certainly don’t love it that much!

  9. licious74 says:

    I hope they bring back the original formula, it was and is the bomb dot com. It made my hair soft and manageable. The smell was nothing to right home about however when something works you forgive things like smell.

  10. Courtney says:

    Wow, you’ve brought back some memories. I remember the smell of the shampoo along with the green Soft Sheen for my press and curl. Those and the scent of my burning hair plus Mommy’s gallon of AfroSheen spray were major parts of my childhood.

  11. Keisa says:

    It’s on!!!!!!! If they bring this back I’m all over it ! You said it elle, this stuff was the bomb when I was relaxed. It was the only shampoo I used back in the day! Thanks for posting šŸ™‚

  12. renee032@juno.xom says:

    Elle, I totally understand. I was raised on the old creme of nature formula. My only regret is that I never got a chance to use it on natural hair. On my relaxed hair it was great! My hair was like butta too and when they came out with the new formula I tried it and hated it. I stalked beauty stores for months trying to find an old formula anywhere to no avail.

    For those who never tried it the old formula left my hair clean, moisturized and detangled all in one great priced shampoo that you could find anywhere. Keep us posted Elle!!! Right now I’m using giovanni smooth as silk shampoo and conditioner but I would gladly drop them for creme of nature (old formula)…

  13. defygravity says:

    A hair stylist friend turned me on to the GREEN formula when I was wearing micro-braid weaves. AH-MAZING! It was almost as if I didn’t need to condition because it rinsed so silky-smooth.
    And, yeah, the scent was not pretty, but the formula worked. They need to quit playin.’
    Although, I notice from the ingredient list that a silicone is the second ingredient–no wonder the silky-smooth rinse!

  14. Halibel says:

    Ohhhh, I never had the chance to try the old formula. šŸ˜¦ I never bothered with the new one because of all the negative reviews. But I hope they do bring it back. I am in dire need of a good moisturizing/detangling shampoo! šŸ™‚


    I still have a full bottle left, but don’t use it often. I did grow up using it and it worked wonders, but I always felt like like my scalp got stinkier faster using it. That was when I was relaxed though. I need to try it on my natural hair. I bought it to use on my niece’s hair 2 years ago, but as my pj-ism increased, the further the bottle got pushed to the back under my bathroom sink.

    • HB says:

      They were before the time I cared about ingredients, definitely chemically, but no sulfates. But that’s why I gave it up, because I was on that whole stupid and naive, “you get what you pay for kick,” so I was buying Redken and Bed Head, then Kinky Curly, and Dr. Bronner’s after I went no-poo for awhile…but seriously, Cass…that shampoo was AMAZING. I need it back in my life NOW. You fingers would run through your hair like BUTTAH in the shower. BUTTAH! I think these are the old ingredients:

      Ingredients: water, trideceth-7 carboxylic acid, decyl glucoside, glycol stearate, polyquaternium-10, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, hydrolyzed milk protein, honey, citrus medica limonum (lemon) extract,triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil abies balsamea (balsam canada) resin, pectin, lecithin, foeniculum vulgare (fennel) fruit extract, barosma betulina leaf extract, commiphora abyssinica extract, origanum majorana leaf extract, iris florentina root extract, sodium hydroxide, fragrance (parfum), disodium edta, methylparaben, propylparaben, quanternium-15,methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisthiazolinone, red 4 (ci 14700), yellow 5 (ci 19140), red 33 (ci 17200), blue 1 (ci 42090)

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