4 thoughts on “Refresher Sprays!

  1. justtellmethetruth says:

    I ordered Headsprung from Herb N Life this summer. The ingredients seem different from what you describe in your vid. The amount of aloe and other ingredients on my bottle don’t match your description. For example, my bottle contains only 40% aloe and there is no mention of peppermint anywhere on my list or the bottle. I am wondering if there has been a formula change?

    • Elle says:

      Contact the company – I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to and I don’t have a bottle with me at the moment.

  2. defygravity says:

    I wish one of these companies would come up with a miracle refresher for kinky textures!
    I have tried refreshers and they make me frizzy! Then, of course, I have to do my hair again.
    Usually, I get up in the morning–hair is all smashed to my head–I let the shower steam loosen my hair and then I just use coconut oil. That usually does the trick. If I am on, like, 5-day hair I have to use a moisturizer to loosen, and then seal again with coconut oil. But that is when I’ve used something that has dried my hair out during the week, and, also when I just don’t have time to do my hair.

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