9 thoughts on “Cush Cosmetics Curl Extender Review

  1. Dwaynia says:


    Thanks for putting us on this stuff….love it! I had been using the Hair Rules Mousse because I liked the way it clumped my curls and made my hair more manageable BUT it would leave it dry. I was working on figuring out a way to still use the product but avoid the dryness. The curl extender, on the other hand, acts just like mousse on my hair because of the foaming action. My hair was juicy and plump without the dryness. It was actually quite soft. Of course my only qualm is the amount of product versus the price! Thanks again….I doubt that I would have tried this product without your review.

    Not loving the Uncoil condish as much. In comparison to the Hair Dew it doesn’t stand a chance, but I will use it up eventually.

    • HB says:

      You’re welcome. I agree, the Dew is more moisturizing then the Uncoiled, but I still like it – especially to refresh and paired with a brattier styler because it absorbs so well.

  2. sarah says:

    i didn’t think my wet (or dry) hair liked oils either, but this winter i found that putting castor oil over top of my gels/curl creams has given me some banging soft curls! like crazy definition with no crunchies. Nia over at it’s just hair blog wrote a post about the same discovery.

    • HB says:

      Lucky! I have tried castor oil on my wet hair and it’s simply horrible! Dry and crunchy hair, feels very coated. I don’t even buy castor oil anymore except JBCO for oil treatments.

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