Guess What I Found!!

So I went on a little excursion today to a health food store in Baldwin Hills and I noticed a number of beauty supply stores in the area (Duh, and something you certainly don’t see where I live). Obviously, I had to go exploring! There was one BSS I went to and I hit the jackpot – there was a GALLON of the Original Formula Creme of Nature shampoo for $37.99! I stood there contemplating whether to get it, but I was a little nervous because I hadn’t used the shampoo on my natural hair and a gallon is a LOT of shampoo to have if you decide you don’t like a formula. But they did give me an idea…I saw another BSS up the street, so I decided to go there and see what they had, and then if they didn’t have any old CON I’d come back and buy the huge bottle.

But your girl got lucky! At the second store I went to, they had three of the old formulas – The Ultra Moisturizing, Extra Body, and Neutralizing Clarifying shampoos. Unfortunately, the Extra Body and Neutralizing poos were the versions the company made after they added a sulfate, and I didn’t want that…but I still had my little green bottle! The best part? It was only $6 for 13oz, and shampoo lasts me like, forever, so this will definitely hold me over until I see what CON is doing at the end of the month (someone spotted the old shampoo coming back…so we shall see…).

Of course, I’ve already tried it. When I got home I started playing around with a mix of honey and AV juice and got a squirt that contained a bit too much honey! As my hair began to stick to my face, I thought that washing it out might be a good idea…and let me tell you, I still love this shampoo. The detangling/slip properties weren’t as amazing, which I attribute to my hair not being dirty like my relaxed hair was and the curliness of my natural hair. Fine – I accept that. But ooooh, the lather! I’m not big on lather, but I felt like a little kid! I didn’t even remember what lather was like, and it was fun! Most importantly though, my hair felt cleansed, wasn’t dry or tangled at all, and it did not frizz my hair out, not even a little! In fact, I would say that it decreased frizz. Yitadee!

I’m really happy I found this stuff, and I can’t wait to see what happens at the end of the month!


11 thoughts on “Guess What I Found!!

  1. LaShawnb says:

    All that chatting and you kept mum on this. SMH! LOL…I’m going to the (only) ‘neighborhood’ BSS today to find this stuff. It’s got to be something special sine YOU are hunting it down.

  2. Halibel says:

    *sheds tears of youthful joy*


    I am so happy you found some CON treasures. Please let the end of the month bring something good. Lol

    • HB says:

      HAHAHAHAHA! You’re funny. I really think it’s coming back…I’m hopeful! And I really hope it’s not the formula with the sulfate!!

  3. Naima says:

    After reading this post, all I could think is, “You bitch!” lol. But then I figured that since hating is ugly and also very bad karma, I’m going to congratulate you on your find instead lol. I live in NYC, so I know I won’t personally be this lucky (too many damn black females out here scoping for the same lone, antique bottle of CON as I am lol), but many hats off to you. πŸ˜‰ I thought Baldwin Hills was a predominately black area. How have these old bottles of CON lasted so long in that area? They’d be scooped up in under an hour in Brooklyn.

    Can you post some post-poo after pics so we can see how it decreased your frizz? Thanks!

    • HB says:

      ROTFL! It is predominantly black, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of them sleep on CON and use brands like Keracare, Mizani, etc…the black salon brands. I don’t have any pics of my hair because I mean it looked less frizzy like, in the shower (I poked my head out and looked in my bathroom mirror). Sometimes when I use shampoo (especially poo bars), my hair is a bit frizzy out of the shower then when I style my hair the gel will smooth them down. I looked at my hair and was tempted to not even condition it…but I wanted to do a bit more finger detangling. One of my hair friends in MD told me that her BSS is getting in new shipments of the old formula, so hopefully it will be nationwide soon and you can get some! πŸ™‚


    I’m glad it worked for ya πŸ™‚ I know I have a bottle somewhere. You’re making me want to give it a go again.

    • HB says:

      I know, I was like yay! I still remember the Regular Formula being my fave, so I hope I can find that too or they will bring it back.

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