Tell It, Chicoro!!

I get a lot of questions about the products I use to make my hair healthy, and my answer is always the same – products do NOT make your hair healthy. They mainly protect your hair from the elements and nourish it in order to preserve your DEAD hair. However, if your nutrition/health is not up to par, your hair will suffer. Many people fail to realize this, and wonder why their hair looks like crap and is dry when they are using $30 products. Sad, but true. Furthermore, vitamins do not grow your hair. People also ask me if I have seen increased growth because I take a multi, biotin, and MSM. I do NOT take these vitamins because I think that my hair will sprout two inches a month with them. I take then because these vitamins are good for overall health (especially if I feel like slacking on my diet, which happens during March Madness, lol) and healthy body = healthy hair. I got this email today from Chicoro that I wanted to share with you all:

Putting the Spotlight on Vitamin B Complex Stress Formula

Hair is impacted by many things. Poor diet is the main issue. When you have a poor diet, hormones can become imbalanced. When you have stress, a lack of good nutrients means less food or nutrition that can be shared with body processes that are not essential. The formation of hair is one of those non essential body processes.

B vitamins are used as energy in our bodies. They are water soluble and the body cannot store them. These vitamins are essential for breaking down food into energy.

Energy is what our bodies use on the cellular level for food and nutrition.

When you have stress in your life, you lose more of these vitamins than normal. Who doesn’t have stress, right? Now couple this with poor nutrition. That means, with bad food, you are already starting out with depleted reserves of vitamin B. You are starting out with less than you need already. When you stress,  you lose the store of  B vitamins you have.

Your body wants to keep you alive, even if it means making you go bald. Thus, B vitamins that were meant and needed for the hair are diverted to critical systems such as those for breaking down hormones or food in your liver. I am making this overly simplistic to make a point.

Your hair can suffer. What you may want to consider, while you are trying to get your eating habits together and managing your stress, is to add a vitamin B complex supplement to your diet. Always talk to your doctor before you add something, especially if you are taking other medication.

If your hair is not getting what it needs from the inside, whatever you do on the outside will always be hindered. Optimize the care of your hair.  Consider a B vitamin complex stress formula when your life and your world are crazy busy, when the stress is at its apex and your food and diet are not the best.

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7 thoughts on “Tell It, Chicoro!!

  1. minna k says:

    This is really good. Nice point about taking people wanting vitamins for HAIR, when it’s the whole BODY that needs nutrients. I hear this all of the time in my industry. They just want a pill to make the hair grow.

    • HB says:

      Yep, lol! People are all kinds of focused on what something will do to their hair…but not give two shakes about their body.

  2. LaShawnB says:

    As usual…good one, Elle. I had not signed up for Chicoro’s site, but I will now. When Mimi grows up, I want her to be as smart as Izzy. lol!

  3. atribitt says:

    She.Hit.The.Nail.On.The.Head with this one, “Your body wants to keep you alive, even if it means making you go bald.”

    Some people just don’t get it!

  4. sarah says:

    i can ALWAYS tell a lot about someone’s eating habits, whether they are eating poorly or aren’t eating that much at all, by the look of their hair.

    • HB says:

      Giiirl, we are >>>here<<<! It blows my mind when people are running around smoking, drinking excessively, and eating fast food 4x a week then ask about some damn conditioner… It's crazy to me because every time I drink even the next DAY my hair seems icky dry! I stopped drinking a lot for that sole reason!

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