How Can I Say This…

So if you guys are frequent readers of the blog, you’ll remember that I did a review of the Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream not that long ago, and frankly, I didn’t like it. But the other day, I got a comment on that post that I wanted to address openly and separately, because this is NOT the way you share information online. Exhibit A:

The Comment.

No wonder you don’t like it! You used almost half the jar on two applications. You will have a coating on your hair if you use so much! Even if your hair is thick, as you say, you are your own worst enemy on the use of this product and are preventing people who may like it to not try it. You just need to get help with your hair. I use this product and I love it, the Curly Curl product. I love it. I use a shea butter leave in conditioner with it because it thins the Curly Curl product and helps give it sheen. Unless you are thoroughly familiar with a product and know how to use it, I would refrain from giving damaging information to others about it. That’s not very sister-like. I don’t work for this product and actually find that it’s the best product for my naturally curly (not kinky) hair.

Now, let me break my response down.

No wonder you don’t like it! You used almost half the jar on two applications. You will have a coating on your hair if you use so much!

This would be a valid point, except I used the product more than two times…no where in my video did I say I used it twice. I said a “few” times, which to me, is three to five times. Also, I usually apply my products in two HUGE sections on my hair, then do another glob for the back/bottom of my hair. However, if a product didn’t work for me this way, I go to the “long” way of applying it, which is sectioning. Now, this way uses up a lot more product, but sometimes, it turns out working. A 6oz jar of product really isn’t that much if you section. I have admitted PLENTY of times on my blog to being heavy handed, yet I have found a TON of products that work great on my hair. What would make this product so special that it needs to be handled so delicately? Oh yea, I hate it. That’s right.

Even if your hair is thick, as you say, you are your own worst enemy on the use of this product and are preventing people who may like it to not try it.

How can I be my “own worst enemy” if I use a product how I normally use all of my other products? You don’t need a PhD in Product Application to use things on your natural hair. It’s not rocket science. This product just did not work for ME. In addition to the coating I felt, it felt dry going on my hair (even adding a tiny bit), had no slip, and was greasy. What does that have to do with how much I used? Furthermore, I also tell people ALL THE TIME to not take my reviews as gospel. They are MY opinion and describe how something worked for ME. If the ingredients sound good to them and the texture seems like something they would like, by all means, they are free to try it. I’m not chaining people down in my basement to keep them from buying this stuff. At the same time, I also tell people not to run out of their homes like groupies at the All Star game to purchase something I rave about, because I know it might not work for them and I HATE it when people listen to me and waste their money. Seriously, I hate it. I always encourage the people who read my blog and watch my vids to pay attention to ingredients, how I describe my hair, and draw their OWN conclusion before buying a product. I am not a guru, I am not a deity. I’m a chick who likes hair. I’m not keeping anyone from doing a damn thing.

You just need to get help with your hair.

I’m sorry, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but have you seen my hair? It’s doing just fine, thanks. And it’s doing even better without this product. Next.

I use this product and I love it, the Curly Curl product. I love it.

Good for you, I’m happy that it works for YOU.

I use a shea butter leave in conditioner with it because it thins the Curly Curl product and helps give it sheen.

Well this is funny, because people give me shit all the time if I  pair a product with something else and don’t use it alone, because they ask how I know if the product in review truly works. Oh well, can’t please everyone.

Unless you are thoroughly familiar with a product and know how to use it, I would refrain from giving damaging information to others about it. That’s not very sister-like.

Again, product application is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. Chile, did you go to school to use this product? I didn’t say anything damaging, I said that I DID NOT LIKE IT and it did NOT WORK FOR ME. Since when are people not allowed to say they don’t like things?? Are you the thought police? Is this 1984? Are you a Republican??????? Furthermore, I am nobody’s sister, except my brother’s. So do NOT come on my blog talking about “sis this” and “sis that.” Take that someplace else. Like a family reunion.

I don’t work for this product and actually find that it’s the best product for my naturally curly (not kinky) hair.

You don’t work for them? Then why are you going so hard for them? You should be happy – my review will keep people from buying up your precious Curly Cream and you can have all you want. And oh, so you have curly, not kinky hair? Okay, so we already have completely different hair, so why are you comparing your experience to mine? Again, congrats on loving the product.

In conclusion, I don’t want people to be scared about asking about my reviews and addressing my critiques. I take constructive criticism just fine. But if I say I don’t like something, I’m not trying to demonize it. Trust me, the company won’t go bankrupt because of one bad review. They will live to see another day. It’s just not that serious.

Until next time pals…*Drops mic, hops off soapbox, does a shot with my pals*


90 thoughts on “How Can I Say This…

  1. Sicely says:

    Maaan this rt here is beyond hilarious! I’m over here screaming b/c this is so funny!

    Classic lines written by Elle “I don’t want to toot my own horn, but have you seen my hair?” and “Are you the thought police?” hahahahahaha!

    Honestly I’ve tried Taliah Waajid’s “Stimulating Herbal Cleanser” and I HATED IT! Yes I am aware that this is a different product from the curly cream, however it belongs to this hair product line. Which leads me to believe that this hair care line is NOT for me. The only thing that’s “stimulating” about this cleanser is, it kicked my senses into knowing this AINT the product for my hair. It left my hair BRITTLE, HARD and it felt my TUMBLE WEEDS!. No bueno. So I give it a thumbs down. On another note, people forget that this is YOUR blog, and your giving your opinion about YOUR hair journey. She could have simply said “I had a different experience with the the curly cream and it worked on my hair just fine. However she choose the “Imma try to assassinate your character on YOUR blog” approach. And failed miserably, b/c you got her right together with the follow up…tehehehe. Any-who enough my two cents. Elle I love coming to your blog, it definitely shines light on what ingredients I should be on the look-out for. When you shared Izzy likes water-based products that got me searching for what products were good for my hair. And I found out that I need a combo. of cream and oil together:-). So yaaay me, now hopefully I wont be walking around looking like “Bush-wick Bill”. Keep doing what you do boo, I’m enjoying it.

  2. Shonoi says:

    I have been reading this blog for 2 months now and I have never commented before. Elle first let me say hats off to you for handling that comment so well. I dont know if I would have had it in me.

    Where does someone get off reacting like that over another persons OPINION? Like seriously.

    She sure sounded like she was getting paid for that ish.

    “Sistah”—— Oh no she didn’t! Not like that at least.

    I hope she graduated with an honours for that Phd in Product Application. Shiiiiiiiiiiiit (Chris Rock voice)

    *Drops mic, hops off soapbox, does a shot with my pals*
    You should’ve added “and whips fabulous Izzie”

  3. AJ says:

    YESSSS let her know!!! an opinion is an opinion like hello, and how is she comparing your experience to hers when she doesnt have kinky curly hair like bye. I never saw your review on that curly cream, I wish I would of because I would of thought twice before investing my money on it, since usually are experiences with a product are the same.I HATED IT with a passion I bought it about a month ago, didnt even have to use it twice to know it wasnt for me, it was gross and my hair totally rejected it. And anyways I love the fact that your so blunt because if you aren’t then who will be. Love ya Elle and keep em coming !!! 🙂 # People

  4. kat says:

    Wow. Yeah so you would think you wouldn’t have to tell people not to base their decisions, especially financial ones, on YOUR opinions and experiences. You would think. But I suppose common sense really ain’t that common.

    I mean, I would probably still try the product if the jar was at least 8 oz. What am I supposed to do with 6 oz on my thick @$$ fro?

    That chick sounds like the one from the curly nikki post about ruining a naturals joy by dissing products or some $hit. People need to cut that $hit out because it is not that serious.

  5. CurlyGirl says:

    Different things work for different people according to hair type, texture, porosity etc. What’s works for Naturalista A may not work so much for Naturalista B.

    I like unbiased reviews. Give an honest assessment of what you feel about the product, and it may help someone who is doing research about the product. It’s good to hear the pros AND the cons. Just saying. Shrugs……….

  6. Lanisha says:

    I STILL don’t get how there are people who don’t understand the concept of “review” or “blog” or “web board” and actually have the nerve to ask people to not say this and not say that. So it’s okay if you say the prodict is good, but otherwise keep it to yourself? Uhhhhh why is one opinion okay but the other is not??? And how is it that no one sees the double standard in this? And what I find REALLY stupid is that the same people who are worried about the effects of you “spreading” less than favorable reviews on a product and find it to be damaging can turn right around and read people spread real hate about an ethnic group, hair type, religion, or gender and say something like “Everyone has a right to their opinion.” REALLY???? You’ll sit here and defend a stupid hair product but not another human being??? Wth is wrong with you? I’m glad you don’t let stupidity slide Elle. By teaching one you teach hundreds what NOT to say and do on the internet.

  7. shanni1luv says:

    Okay, I usually don’t comment, but am a loyal follower of your blog and youtube channel. I felt compelled to comment because this sh*t got me heated.

    Last I checked, blogs, vlogs, etc. are based on OPINIONS. That chick needs a life. And she TOTALLY works for that product company, otherwise…WHO CARES!!! Get a life “sister” and don’t ruin it for the rest of us that value Elle & Izzy’s OPINION and reviews. Sheeesh!

    • HB says:

      Thanks boo! I guess it might sound snotty…but I’m like hey, my blog = my house = my rules…you wouldn’t roll up in someone’s home and tell them how to decorate now would you?

    • CurlyGirl says:

      Haha!! I like how you said ‘she totally works for that product company.’ I think you might be right about that.

  8. Jolie says:

    Elle, you’ve always been fair in your reviews and you’ve stressed many times that they are based on your *personal* experience. Anyone with common sense ought to realize that one’s person’s experience with a product will not hold true for everyone in the planet.

    Regarding your “Are you a republican?” comment. Yes it was funny at first glance, but the ability to present one’s point of view in a thoughtful manner has little to do with one’s party affiliation. No, I’m not a republican yet I found the remark kind of belittling and presumptuous of who would like your blog or who’d respond to you in a respectful manner.

    I picture your audience pals coming from various walks of life yet we share common interests like our love of hair, curiosity about hair products and our enjoyment of your YT channel and blog.

    • HB says:

      Hey Jolie – This is iffy for me to respond to…it was joke, and I would hope that if someone is a Republican they would have a sense of humor and it wouldn’t really upset them. I will keep that in mind for next time though. However, I’m definitely not PC, so again, you can’t always please everyone.

      • kat says:

        I am a *registered* republican and although I could not resist an eye roll and a whompwhomp, I was not offended at all.

      • HB says:

        Thanks kat. If someone wanted to ask me my thoughts on the Republican party I would certainly tell them, but my blog is not the outlet for that. It was just a fleeting comment. Eyerolls and whompwhomps are warranted as a response to that comment though, so it’s all good, lol.

  9. newlynatural says:

    Hi Elle! I appreciate your reviews and this blog! I am very well aware that your texture is much differnt than mine, so I keep that in mind when reading about the various products. Nevertheless, I appreciate the time, effort and financial sacrifices that you make for all of our benefit. Even if I don’t think the product is right for me, I have learned so much about styling and keeping my hair healthy. Plus, you and Izzy always look fabulous! So, thank you. More of us truly appreciate your OPINION than those who may have critcism of it.

  10. says:

    Loved your rebuttal!!! It’s really not that serious. You had your opinion of the product. You voiced your opinion on your website. Love it!!!

  11. BrickbyBrick says:

    Good for you!! Love your blog and although we don’t have the same hair characteristics, you’ve always been extremely helpful in making my own decisions regarding a product.

    The poster not only offended you but your readers by pretty much calling us lemmings. I usually just lurk, but that post was irksome.

    Keep on truckin, Elle.

  12. GJones says:

    My boss told me to tell you to stop making me laugh out loud at my desk!! lmbo I love your product reviews, so keep them coming like you do. Honest and to the point!!

  13. Margaret says:

    Touche’ Elle! lol You did a fabulous job in addressing this email. It was truly disrespectful and I am a believer that people have the right to disagree, however it should be done respectfully. With that being said, you and other reviewers always make a point to state…this is how the product worked with your hair. What works for one person may not work for others. That’s just how it is.

    Elle, I love your spirit!! Just keep doing you and keeping it real! 🙂

    • HB says:

      I agree with you 100%. I have no issue with people disagreeing with me, it doesn’t hurt my feelings or make me doubt myself. And thank you! I’m glad that most of you guys get that I’m just sharing information that I have available…not trying to step on anyone’s toes. Goodness.

  14. Robin says:

    Dang not like you have not written bad reviews for other products. But as always it is YOUR experience. Some people may try it because you mentioned it and they never heard of it. Gee she really was upset for talking about her baby!! Lol more for her. And it’s YOUR BLOG say what you want.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been a frequent reader of your blog and viewer of your youtube channel for a while and I’ve tried a few things that you’ve raved about. Some things have become new holy grails, other things didn’t work for me at all. Did I get mad at you about it? No, I tried to figure out why the product did or didn’t work for me and moved on. We have different hair, so obviously we’re going to have different opinions about things…not a difficult concept.

    I’m pretty sure someone else already posted a similar comment, I just wanted to reiterate.

  16. bugalo says:

    I’ve a secret fan of your blog for a minute as well, but I must come out of hiding and say way to to shut em’ down chica. I really like your style, speak up for yours when necessary in a very professional don’t play with me manner! You know she’s just hatin’ on Izzy girl!!!
    Keep on keepn’ on.

    • HB says:

      Thanks! I mean, just because I have a blog and YT doesn’t mean people can come on here talking to me any kind of way. There is a person behind the computer screen…

  17. Mzmillion says:

    I’m sorry but as soon as I read the “I have curly, not kinky hair” she would have been ignored. I hate when some naturals feel the need to point out they have anything but kinky hair like its a disease…. ok we got it, you have curls, why don’t you leave the reviews of products on kinky hair to the people with kinky hair. that pretty much made her who spiel non in void….

  18. Atiyah says:

    Omg I read your posting this morning. It had me laughing, I do agree with you on the different products. Sometimes the product works well on your hair and other times it just don’t. The person who responded to your posting shouldn’t have taken it to heart, it was just a review.

    I know you are livid but people react like that sometimes. But I would never bash someone for their opinion based on a product they tried on their hair.

    And you are right your IZZY looks good.

    • HB says:

      Nah, I’m not livid. There are way more important things to be livid about, and this isn’t the worst comment I’ve gotten on my blog. Sometimes though, things need to be addressed so there is no misunderstanding in the future. And thank you! I think Izzy is doing rather well. 😉

  19. Jay says:

    Oh Elle *giggles* *searches for the one that commented with binoculars* Welp, I don’t see her lol I think she’s gone bahaaaa!!

    • HB says:

      She is welcome to continue to the discussion. I just don’t see how her comment was helpful, appropriate, or warranted. I like to think I am very open with people on my blog and am willing to discuss techniques and take suggestions well. I’m not perfect, and never claimed to be. Shrugs.

  20. andi says:

    I think you said what needed to be said. She had no right to try to get messy with you. I hope she reads all this too.

  21. makeupvixen says:


    I am so tired of some of these people when they see that something that they love doesn’t work for someone else. So what! It’s not your hair honey, if your hair likes it then great and if my hair doesn’t like it then so what. Why doesn’t the person that made the comment write a blog about how much she loves it and can’t live without it? The comment on your blog was uncalled for and pretty much rude, in my opinion.

    This is Elle’s blog and it’s about Elle’s hair Izzy and what works for Elle!

    • HB says:

      Right…it’s like my blog is my e-home, you wouldn’t come up in someone’s house acting like that, would you? Just rude…

    • HB says:

      Right! I’ve seen more negative reviews for this product than positive, so I don’t understand why the commenter was acting like it was this huge surprise that I did not like it…

  22. says:

    DEAD @ “I’m sorry, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but have you seen my hair? It’s doing just fine, thanks. And it’s doing even better without this product. Next.”


  23. urbansista says:

    What it comes down to is: this is your blog and if you don’t like a product and write about it, it’s your opinion. I don’t understand why people go so hard for a product. If she liked it, good. Why do you have to? I don’t blame you for responding to her like you did. I’ve had to shut some folks down on my blog ’cause they were acting as if I should consult them before I wrote what I thought about a product. Like you said, it’s not rocket science. If you disagree with my review, cool. Keep using your product, enjoy it and keep it moving.

  24. Lola says:

    Just found your blog and vlog a couple of weeks ago and I am hooked :).

    What I have noticed about the natural hair blogs comments sections is that people become overly passionate about what OTHERS do with their hair.

    Also because it is online, they are unnecessarily rude and spiteful and say things I doubt they will say in real life.

    Everytime someone does not give a favourable review of a product, technique, tool e.t.c, you see comments of how “you didn’t use it the right way” or ” you were too heavy handed”…..rather than just accept what the person said ” the product didn’t work for me”.

  25. says:

    Some people are just high on crack man! I got the same kind of comment a while back on YT for a Miss Jessie’s review. I said it didn’t work for *my hair* and some b*tch got all mad at me because of that. Freedom of speech anyone?!

    On the other hand you and louloumatou LOVE the CJ Curl Queen, i used it last week end and i’m still trying to get my hair back: that shit destroyed my hair! It literally sucked all the moisture out of it (i made a couple of YT videos about it) and i didn’t come back to cuss you telling you “you suggested a product and it didn’t work for me blablabla”! People need to chill.
    Now i’m off to deep condition my hair again as it won’t forgive me for using the Aloe Fix Lite and the Curl Queen (separately). Been DCing everyday for 3 days now and no improvement. Can’t cleanse any more than i already did or else my hair will start falling off. I just want to cry right now 😥

  26. Britt says:

    You showed your true PG girl with this one!
    Love it!
    And I completely agree with everything you said.
    You aren’t pushing products on ANYONE, or being hired by some super secret firm to keep people from buying them.
    It’s a personal review and opinion. People should take such with a grain of salt and KIM.
    And you’re right — if her hair is “not kinky,” why is she even trying to compare?
    Girl bye.

  27. Chal-Chal says:

    This was an entertaining discussion. I agree with most of these responses; in the end your opinion is just that, an opinion. Reviews are not all meant to be positive. I will add that I follow many natural hair reviewers and Elle, you are definitely one of the more opinionated. Your personality may not always rub people the right way. It might make weaker people doubt their own judgment. Your strong personality is one of the things I appreciate about your reviews.
    I too have not always agreed with what you say about a product and that’s OKAY. It doesn’t make me dislike you. In my opinion (like assholes, we’ve all got one), it’s the controversial people in life that are the most interesting and often the most intelligent. Keep up the informative, and opinionated, reviews!

    • HB says:

      Thank you for providing some additional input to the discussion. I know that people do not always like what I like, or they like something I dislike, and that’s totally fine!!! I think it’s great when people find what works for them, and I wish everyone a healthy hair journey. However, that doesn’t need to belittle my own opinion. And I definitely get that my opinions may be a bit much for some people – I’m not the kind of person to give a lukewarm review to everything I’ve tried – sometimes it’s okay but not what I wanted, sometimes I love it, sometimes I dislike it immensely. It in no way should make someone feel any kind of way if they have already developed an opinion on it. There are some products I love that the ladies on my forums are like, “What? You like that??? Ew.” And I’m like, SURE DO!!! LOVE IT! I don’t bandwagon and I do what’s best for my hair. It’s all good in my neck of the woods…thanks again for giving some middle ground, and for the compliment. 🙂

  28. curlybean says:

    Preach! I am tired of reading comments where people, usually anonymously, write negative & attacking comments. If they don’t agree or like what is said, go away & stop reading. I am sure (well hope) they wouldn’t walk into your house and get rude if they didn’t like a review you were giving; so why do it on your blog?

    definition of review: To examine with an eye to criticism or correction. I for one appreciate how thorough you are, & the time you take to give your opinion. But I also really love your humor! Go Elle!

  29. Saila says:

    1. “Are you a Republican???????” LOLOLOLOL!
    2. I think it’s cute that you refer to your audience as pals. 😀

    • HB says:

      Hey Saila! 😉 I call everyone my pals because to me my blog is basically just an extension of how we communicate on the forum…I’m not special lol!

  30. Nicole says:

    I thought that the whole point of doing product reviews was to say what you like and don’t like a product! If you are dishonest about your likes and dislikes then it does your viewers no good. Plus, if she already loves the product so much, who cares what your review says?! 🙂

  31. trish says:

    Okay.. I’ve been a faithful “ghost” reader of your blog for a very, very verrry long time and I feel like I have to back you up (even though u did a fabulous enough job yourself).

    Elle always makes it a habit to say and has even made separate posts clearly stating that these are only her opinions and experiences and as we all with kinky/curly/etc hair know – everyones hair is different.

    I don’t even think that she had to even get on her blog to address you, author, whomever you are, because it is a free country and you are not Al-Gaddafi.

    …….and are we seriously going there with the sista-hood??? LOL. Most black women wouldn’t know what that meant if it slapped them in the face!!! Yes I said it, let’s be real here. Thank God for this natural obsession (which I hope lasts forever), we are finally not hating on each other about everything and nothing. A-hem, let me take that back.

    And Elle, congrats on being chosen as one of the video bloggers from ——- (sorry don’t know the name of the website), but just like when u become a celeb, u have to take the good with the bad..and unfortunately, this was the latter.

    U handled yourself like a lady, as usual, so kudos to u babe.


    • HB says:

      Aw, thank you Trish! And yep, I don’t expect total positive feedback from people, but yes it is offensive to me when people act as if I’m lying or not being “correct” in my review. It doesn’t make any sense, I have a ton of products and I try to use them in different ways to give a thorough review. But at the same time, I’m not going to continue to use a product that is “damaging” on my hair (like drying it out) just so I can relay my opinion. Once I’ve decided it could hurt my hair with continued use, I’m not using it. It’s not like I got on here talking about the company owner’s mother or something. Really?

      • trish says:

        Exactly and thats why I support and agree with you 100%!! And you really don’t have to endorse anything unless your name is on the bottle 😉

  32. gigimichelle311 says:

    Have you seen myself hair?? And are you a Republican? You went hard on home girl. This is why I like you…no hymn singing or scripture quoting, just keeping it real.Hilarious!

    • micah rose says:

      OMG! So funny! That was the best line I have EVER read!
      “Are you a republican???”
      Ha ha ha ha

      Girl…you need to write a book or have your own TV show. Hysterical.

  33. LaShawnB says:

    *Finger Snaps*

    Aside from the fact that it was pure ignorance to post a comment like that, I’m sorry that you had to take the time to reply. That’s just foul. And pitiful. Ugh…

  34. Kinky-Haired Nerd says:

    It cracks me up that she felt the need to add that her hair is curly, not kinky. Girl, bye!

    Yo no sé por qué algunas personas son tan ridículas. SMH.

  35. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Interesting I talked about blocks of effective listening with my communication skill group today at work. Interesting it sounds like the communication appeared to be a “filtering” effect. Clearly she would have understood without mistaking you using only twice. I think people will tend to be biased with what they feel they love and works for them. Opinions should be freedom of speech. I have reviewed a lot of products from ones you did review on to other ones I have either read or seen. There are individuals who will say the product did not simply work for their hair, and does not mean same applies to you. If one dislike to a hand full of people (if not more) could ruin a business, most of the well known like KBB, CJ, OYIN, AG, Bee Mine, Miss Jessie’s and the likes would be all out of business.

    Personally I love watching your reviews and seeing what Elle has latest to present for us. Ultimately it is our decision to choose to buy or not buy something. I think people can be highly influenced by others. Btw did you hear about Oyin are introducing a new series hosted about Deep Conditioning-about social, cultural, and psychological aspects of natural hair? Sounds interesting. 🙂 Sometimes we never know the core reason to how others react to us.

  36. Christy says:

    Wow!!! Some ladies take this product review stuff way too seriously. Did she have to come out so strong. Way to shut it down Elle…


  37. Rissa1985 says:

    Yeah, it’s not always what you say it’s how u say it and that “sista” definitely said it the wrong way

    • HB says:

      It’s more unfortunate than anything. There have been times where I did not like a product, and someone suggested I use it a different way, and I took their advice and amended my review. However, I don’t respond to inappropriate comments like that.

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