Mason Pearson Detangler Brush Review

Also, I think I found a way to solve the problem of messing up my curls when I detangle. I slept in my twists, then in the morning I took them out while they were still wet. Then, I finger combed and applied product like I was doing a wash n go. So far, the result seems to be like a twist out/wash n go hybrid. I’ll see how it dries though…

Still drying…but check it out!

Here’s the finished product – definitely going to start doing this every time I detangle!!

22 thoughts on “Mason Pearson Detangler Brush Review

  1. Ava says:

    The last photo with the light glowing behind you is avatar worthy! Which styling products did you use in the morning?

  2. curlybean says:

    Funny I am getting ready to co wash right now. I’ve done this but my hair is super porous that it usually is dry in the a.m.

    I am trying to get away from the twisty look but more natural curl. How much product did you use in the a.m.? Is it the curls in a bottle still with????

    PS: how do you upload your pic?

    • HB says:

      Just a regular amount, like a finger dip for each section. I didn’t use CIAB, I’m trying to save it. I upload my pic in the document loader when I write the post.

  3. sarah says:

    well, don’t get mad at me either Elle, but i’ve been doing this kind of modified regimen as well. only difference is i don’t cowash first. it works well at keeping root matting at bay.

    i start by wetting my dry, dirty hair with warm water then divide as i go into 10 sections, 5 on each side. then, i saturate each section with the warm water and detangle with my paddle brush. after detangling a section, i twist it up and do the rest. then i cover with my bonnet and wash the next day. it also allows for the opportunity for prepooing overnight and whatnot.

    it works surprisingly better than the getting in the shower, saturating with conditioner, and going at it with a comb method; at least i can see what’s going on. to keep the knots and matting and shrinkage at bay, i just do a low pineapple everynight. i went 2 weeks without detangling since starting this method and the paddle brush still just slide through my hair like butter. i was shocked at how little tangling had occured over two weeks.

    BTW, the amount of hair you lost was NOTHING compared to how much hair you actually have and technically supposed to lose per day.

    • HB says:

      Y’all are wack! LOL….I definitely am used to detangling in sections (can’t do it in the shower anymore), but I always HATE how my curls get jacked up, and then I would be trying to style for the day and my hair would be poofy and straight at the same time. I’m definitely going to detangle like this every week and do the twists overnight. Do you think you get less tangling stretching a wng or finger detangling in the shower everyday? And yea…sometimes I wish I lost more hair because I have so much!! (knock on wood) Shed hairs don’t bother me AT ALL, I have enough hair, as long as my hair isn’t breaking.

      • sarah says:

        shed hairs don’t bother me either… i would actually get more nervous by losing less hair than normal because i have so much hair.

        but yeah, i attribute less tangling to stretching my wng and pineappling every night. i don’t finger detangle because i feel like i actually pull out more hair that way (weird… i must have man hands). i do remember CurlyNikki saying something about stretching the hair being the best way to reduce tangling, but i didn’t pay it much attention because she does twist outs and i abhor them. but, pineappling is a definite must. i basically do naptural85 on youtube’s nighttime method (sometimes with two pigtails so the dreaded middle section gets maximum stretching benefits), so coupled with my new detangling routine, i love wngs even more now. AND since i detangle, then twist, then (co)wash the next day, my curls stay intact.

  4. Kinky-Haired Nerd says:

    Oooh, very cute! I am actually a fan of this method too when I do wear my hair out. I don’t really like traditional twist-outs on me because I just prefer my natural curl pattern. But using this method, I get a more clumpy variation of my natural pattern and also some elongation! I almost did this to my hair last night, but then I changed my mind and pulled it into a pony instead. lol.

  5. iri9109 says:

    i call it the TnG (twist n’ go) lol…i like it better than twistouts b/c since your hair is still wet when you take the twist outs, alot of your normal curl pattern is preserved instead of looking so twistout-y…if my twists are dry in the morning then i spritz and apply a wet product like aloe vera gel & the look is similar

  6. pj joseph says:

    So…you washed your hair at night, conditioned and twisted + went to sleep?!? That sounds like my kinda regimen! Would it be possible to see some pics of the finished product? That would be such a time saver!

    • HB says:

      Yea!! I twisted my hair as I went along in my detangling (not like twist out twists, I did way less), then put on my scarf and snoozed away! It’s still drying but right now it looks awesome! When I applied product, my roots were straight, but they’ve started to curl/wave. I’m boosted, I hope it stays like this! I’ll take pics later.

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