Spring & Summer Products for Natural Hair (Yay glycerin!)

Products in this vid:
Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion
Blue Eco Styler
Long Aid Activator Gel
Fantasia IC Gel
Donna Marie Super Buttercreme
Donna Marie Dream Curling Creme
Curl Junkie Aloe Fix
TiGi – Love, Peace & the Planet Let It Be Leave-In

2 thoughts on “Spring & Summer Products for Natural Hair (Yay glycerin!)

  1. jxw5159@psu.edu says:

    Whoo!! Yay for warmer months!! xD
    Im psyched about the Donna Marie Super Buttercreme, I ordered mines over the weekend. Any day know : 3 I’m a suckah for cake smelling things ~_~
    As for TiGi I gotta look into that.
    As for this video, what products are in your hair right now?

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