I’m Sorry Elle…You Put What in Your Hair?

One of the coolest things about hair is that a lot of kitchen ingredients work well for treatments. Coconut milk, honey, and olive oil are all ingredients that Izzy loves, and I love that I can pick them up from the grocery store while doing my weekly shopping. Awhile ago, I saw this video by one of my fellow YouTubers, louloumatou (who is awesome, btw), and decided to pick up some ghee. What’s ghee, you ask?

Ghee is clarified butter, and is often used in Middle Eastern and Asian cooking. Why put butter on my hair? Because there is a difference between regular butter and clarified butter. Basically, clarified butter is the fat only, and is like a solid oil. I have read that according to Avurvedic principles, ghee promotes hair growth. Now…whether that is true is neither here nor there (I don’t think it does), but it is a great “oil” for the hair. I am not a huge fan of oil, so the oils I have been buying are all ones that I can get on the ground in order to avoid shipping. My experience with ghee has been great (as I type this post, I am wearing a bentonite clay face mask with ghee and honey).

Consistency: Like a thin pomade…turns to oil quickly and absorbs easily into hair and skin.

Smell: I think it smells a bit like sweet cream, but I can see how some people would interpret a twinge of funk. At first, I thought it smelled like the fake butter that they use in microwave popcorn, but it started to smell like cream.

Uses: As a prepoo, ghee is awesome, I’ve prepooed with it overnight, and 20 minutes before washing, and my hair was soft each time. I haven’t prepooed since I started using CON, but I def like this as a prepoo, and it’s not so thick that it leaves an annoying residue. I’ve also used ghee as my oil under a gel, and had great results! It’s not greasy, and I got softened, non-crunchy hair. I always use a small spoonful in my deep conditioners. For my skin, it’s not heavy (like shea) and abosorbs quickly, softens skin, and gives a “dewy” appearance.

Cost: $8 for 4oz at the health food store, but you can order it in bulk on Amazon for a better deal.

WildChild Verdict: Definitely give it a try! And if you don’t like it on your hair and skin, you can always cook with it. It has a nice flavor!

14 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Elle…You Put What in Your Hair?

  1. kizzy says:

    Hey cool idea, I’m from the caribbean and I use ghee in east indian cooking to make roti and parasad which are totally delicious. I will definitely be using ghee in my prepoo next time

  2. Alanna says:

    I only smelled ghee once in my life. My cousin had a Costco size “feeding the entire US army” sized can. And she opened that bad boy up and it all hit me at the same time. Whew!!!! But I guess in a smaller content it won’t be so bad. Thanks for the heads up

  3. louloumatou says:

    Hey Elle,
    I didn’t know you had tried it!! cool! i still like it too, on my skin on top of my daily moisturiser, and on my hair too as a pre-poo and sometimes under gels. Still works wonders on Max’s cheeks when they get dry and same for his botty! 🙂
    I am so happy you had some success with it!
    I also cook with it, 1 tbsp in and then sauté the onions, before adding whatever else, gives a subtle soft falvour to meals!
    🙂 xxx

  4. Carla says:

    I love cooking with it and NEVER thought about putting it on my hair (though I’d just just about everything else!). Thanks for the idea, I think I will try it next time I wash my hair.

  5. Tee says:

    I’ve seen this in the market… maybe this will serve as a prepoo alternative. Each time I use my Ramtirth Brahmi oil overnight, I have the craziest dreams! Is the flavor similar to that of a reg butter?

    • HB says:

      Ooooh, honestly, I’m not sure. I haven’t cooked with real butter in years. This is like a kind of sweetish/nutty/salty flavor tho, if that makes sense??

  6. atribitt says:

    hmmm. interesting. i’ve never heard of this ingredient before… on any of the YT channels or blogs i frequent. school’s in session!

  7. iri9109 says:

    i’ve seen this in my local indian grocery store but didnt know what it was…but i think i’m gonna pick some up next time i’m in there (read: i’m definitely going there tommorrow!)

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