Next BlogTV Session – Wednesday, May 18th at 7pm PT

For the next BlogTV session, we will be talking about PJism –  Why are (or aren’t) you a PJ? Is it helpful in your HHJ? As you all know, I am considered a PJ (understatement?), but for me it’s a want rather than a need. Basically, I could use an oil and aloe vera gel on my hair with CON shampoo, and Tresemme Naturals or Garnier Pure Clean as my rinse out conditioner, and I think my hair would be fine. So why are you a PJ? Do you like being one? Do you give PJs the side eye? Let’s chat about it!

7 thoughts on “Next BlogTV Session – Wednesday, May 18th at 7pm PT

  1. cassandra says:

    future blog topic ideas:
    heat training: yay or nay
    is youtube natural hair vid overrated
    leaving rinse out condish in : good or bad thing
    wanting to change your curl pattern by only wearing braid out , twist out , flat ironing: form of self expression of self hate.
    do you feel presure to claim one hair type lower than what you are, if so why or why not
    how do you feel about the term guru, what qualifications do you need to be a guru?

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