Qhemet Biologics Honeybush Tea Soft Gel Review & FAQ

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Key Ingredients: Contains MSM sulfur for follicle and scalp health and nutrient rich, organic Lemongrass, African Honeybush and Redbush extracts (traditional panacea’s prized by the Kho and San peoples) for their moisturizing, conditioning and sheen enhancing properties. Our light, oil-free gel moisturizes thick or thin coils, curls and twists! Provides a soft, light hold. Also use as an oil-free moisturizing leave-in. Naturally scented with a citrusy essential oil blend as of 7/1/09!


3 thoughts on “Qhemet Biologics Honeybush Tea Soft Gel Review & FAQ

  1. krystal says:

    hey girl, loved the twistout just wondering have you tried the qhemet’s olive and honey balm? I heard that and the BRBC or the AOHC is sick for twists/twistouts!!!!

    • HB says:

      I have, but never for twists. I’ve used it as a refresher, to slick my ponytail back or as a moisturizer for wash and gos.

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