My Twist Out Lasted Four Days!!

Okay…so boost! Usually when I do twist outs, at the end of the day I don’t really find them to be worth it because at the MOST, my hair will last two days, and I often redo it after one day. But this time…I took my twists out on Thursday, and kept it out until I got home on Sunday night. Yes, Izzy’s twist out survived Vegas! In addition to doing smaller twists overall, I took some additional steps in order to make the style last, because I cannot stand doing my hair on vacation! On the last day, my hair was beginning to hang in my face a lot and I had to drive, so I just put half of my hair up in a ponytail…randomly, I got so many compliments. I didn’t even do my regular routine the night before (thanks booze) and slept on a cotton pillowcase! Anywho, here is what I did:

1. It seems that my hair frizzes out the most on the top and front of my hair, so on Thursday night I retwisted those parts – it was probably about ten twists or so and did not take long. I used Mizani Moisture Stretch. This stuff basically goes against everything I look for in a product, but I thought the mineral oil and silicone would seal my hair so it would not poof out while being outside a lot. I kept them in until I about to go out, because I knew I was going to touch my hair, lol.
2. I did not use ANY water based products on my hair unless I was retwisting. To fluff my hair out, I used Mizani Supreme Oil. Again, I wanted to make sure my hair was sealed.
3. I wore my Sue Maesta hood to sleep – which does not flatten my hair as much as pantyhose or a scarf, and still allows me to keep my shape for the most part, even if my hair is smushed.
4. I kept my hood on and wore a shower cap in the shower. With wash and gos, I usually don’t wear anything because I want the steam to get me some moisture, but I didn’t want that this time.
The pic is how my hair looked on the third day (I snuck and snapped a shot of my hair when my friend went to the bathroom, lol). Yes, I was in a bar taking pictures of myself. Don’t judge me. My hair was soft and fairly defined, and not greasy at all. I was so excited – I actually didn’t wet my hair for over seven days. Next time I do a twist out (not sure when that will be since I joined a summer bun challenge), I will definitely do this routine again.

16 thoughts on “My Twist Out Lasted Four Days!!

  1. renee032@juno.xom says:

    Glad you had a great time in Vegas. I too went against my norm and used a leave in conditioner that has 2 cones in it (not water soluable) however, the (morracanoil hydrating styling cream) and eco styler gel gave me the best frizz free wash n go I’ve had in a while. Anyway my question is do you think I can add moisture like oyin hair dew on top for moisture day to day or will I just have to shampoo and start over?

  2. Katie says:

    Thanks for sharing! For someone who is on a tight budget and had no clue where to begin with my hair this has been a great blog!

    The washing my hair in sections, and making sure I get those roots has improved my hair drastically. I just bought my first products from the Holy Grail list Oyin, which I never heard of until I read your blog. Later I will try the blue gel and buy the Sue Maesta hood.

    Thank you so much for sharing how you did things and what products work. Since going back to my natural hair in 2004 I have been trying to find something exactly like this where it would talk about products that are design for hair like mine. I didn’t have the money to constantly try new stuff, so when I saw you had a list and had videos, it got me excited.

    This is been a huge help and I am feeling so much better about my hair. I always knew once I get the right products and technique my hair would be awesome; so thank you for that.

  3. Naturally Curious aka Robynne says:

    Your twist-out looks awesome! I’m still trying to figure out how to make defined styles like this survive this insane heat & humidity we’ve been having in the DC area lately. Even my wash and go’s have been poofier than usual. Arrrgh!

  4. dani says:

    looking good!!! i’m waiting for my hair to grow out some because right now i have to twist mine every nite to keep mine looking good.

    side note: i was in vegas a couple weeks ago!

    • HB says:

      Omg I could never! It took me like three hours to twist my entire head, so there is no way I would do that every night. And Vegas is fun, I hadn’t gone since I’ve been legal! Hope you had as much fun as I did!

      • dani says:

        oh no way! lol!! if it took me three hours i wouldn’t either! it only takes me about 30 mins. I did have a good time, glad you did too!

      • HB says:

        30 minutes?! I wish! Hopefully when my hair is longer I can do bigger twists and they will stay. When my hair was straight I did a braid out, and I was able to get away with only 15 braids or so. Unfortunately…my curly hair doesn’t play that, lol!

    • BrickbyBrick says:

      Thank goodness companies come out with hair products every 5 minutes, so you have no excuse to stop doing reviews, lol. I’d hate to see you end this blog, Elle. It’s always fun to visit.

      • HB says:

        LOL, thank you! But I need to stop buying them all! I want to get to where I only do my hair three times a week at the most – but I’m always anxious to try new stuff when I get it.

  5. atribitt says:

    Im am so proud of u and izzy! it turned out great! that’s funny, the news said the most popular destination for memday 2011 was Vegas!

    I’ve mastered 7-day hair with my wngs now so I only do my hair once a week. super!

    • HB says:

      It was? WOW no wonder I was sitting in traffic for six hours on my way there…I was so pissed! I wanted to stretch my wngs, but I have too many reviews!! I hope when I’m done with this lot I can give my hair a rest.

      • atribitt says:

        Oh wow 6 hrs! yeah I don’t want u to be stuck doing product reviews forever either sooo…. how about:
        outfit of the day
        makeup tutorial
        hot off the natural hair blogs press
        out and about in socal
        personal hobbies or collections
        a day in the life of
        natural hair tutorials
        just a few ideas of things I would like to see as a subscriber!

      • HB says:

        To be totally honest, I’m not interested in doing any of those topics, besides hair tutorials, which I do when I do my hair. But like I have said before, if I’m only doing wash and gos on my hair then that’s what I’m doing. It’s not as if I’m secretly doing all this stuff and not sharing with everyone. For instance, my entire regimen is posted on here – that’s pretty much it. This post isn’t even a review – I found that changing up some things helped my stretch my twist out some, so I wanted to share because I hope it will help someone else. I’m not the greatest at makeup, so I would never do a makeup tut (although I did want to share some great skincare stuff I’ve found because I was so surprised I love it so much), and there are plenty of ladies on YT who do bomb tuts. I actually like doing product reviews too, I think they are informative and helpful to others in choosing what they want to spend their money on – my outfits or personal hobbies aren’t going to help anyone else – I’m not into showing things just to show them, especially on a public site like YouTube, where there are some sincere people, but also some not so awesome people. When I don’t have anything to review, I’ll probably just stop doing videos – I’m not trying to make a second career out of my blog, it’s not really a big deal to me.

      • atribitt says:

        I gotcha. well u have certainly helped me a lot and that’s why I’m still a subscriber. 😉

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