Hot Bun in the Summertime…

One of my girlies over at has started a “Summer Bun” challenge, which officially starts tomorrow, June 1, and runs until September 1. Here are the rules –

  • You must wear some type of bun at least four times a week
  • You don’t have to sleep in the bun if you don’t want to, but you can’t sleep with your hair down (which I never really do anyway)

Ta-da, that’s pretty much it! We are going to post pics of our buns/length throughout the challenge in the thread. For me, a bun isn’t really “going out” wear…but I think I can do 4x a week. Right now, I can only do my wet donut bun, but hopefully will be able to play around with different types of buns as I become more comfortable with them. Interested in joining? Check it out here.

I guess I started early, but here’s a pic of my bun today (I’m still counting it for this week!) – I’ll also be cleaning my bathroom mirror after this post.

If you’re having trouble with your bun, check out my wet bun tutorial, which is so easy even I can do it.

Anyway, happy bunning ladies!


11 thoughts on “Hot Bun in the Summertime…

  1. sarah says:

    this sounds fun! i wore a bun a couple of times already this week, mostly because i was marveling at the fact that i can easily do them now without wetting my hair. idk about me participating in a challenge though, but i may incorporate them more. good luck!

  2. Mop Top says:

    lol I’ve been on my own “hot season” bunning challenge for about 3 weeks now so I too have begun early. I’m in though!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Wish I could join, but I’m not sure if my hair is long enough to bun yet. It’ll be 6 mos June 9th

  4. atribitt says:

    well looky here… a newly designed background and layout! i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I am so far away from bunning length it’s not even funny. I’ve never been a bun person before though (while relaxed), not even a pony hardly. But i do think buns are tres chic! Good luck on this one!

  5. Angelina says:

    This is a great idea! I think I’ll do it. I like the ‘southern tease bun’ from mane and chic (there’s a tutorial on youtube)…I can probably work it in a few ways throughout the week.

    • HB says:

      I love that bun too but I’ve tried it and my hair laughed…I think I need more length on the sides b/c my hair is thick? I dunno…

    • Christina says:

      I forgot all about that bun. I remembered when I first saw her do it, I promised that I would try it out. Here I am at BSL now, and I still haven’t done it. Tsk tsk…

  6. Rox says:

    Yay!!! Welcome to the bun club! I’ve been wearing mine in one for 98% of the past year on the wards. With a lil this & that, it can def be a spunky going out look 😉 (I make it fun by pulling about 11 fat twists into mine).

    • HB says:

      Oh, I wasn’t knocking buns for going out – it’s just never been something I do, with relaxed or natural hair. I usually like to whip my hair on the dance floor, lol!

  7. Christina says:

    Hmmm, I think I may do this. I keep my hair in mini twists, but heck, I can easily put them into a bun. Double the protection!

    • HB says:

      Last time I did twists they weren’t long enough to bun, only get into a ponytail. I can’t wait for my hair to be like, twice its length now.

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