Question of the Day: Frizzy Wash n Gos

Q: Frizz. What.The.Eff. Lol!! How do you manage to get such lovely frizz-free wash n go’s!? By the end of the day I’m a poofball. Even in colder months I was dealing with a frizz-bush lol. Any tips please? 🙂

A: Well…you didn’t tell me what you are currently using, so I’ll have to wing it. Oh, and my hair does have a little bit of frizz, but I don’t mind it. 🙂 Especially b/c I touch it alll the time! There are a few things that may help decrease frizz with a wash n go, although I don’t really think that there is an “art” to wash n gos, per se.

  1. Apply your products in sections – many times, people miss spots, and those are the parts that frizz out as the day goes on.
  2. Watch the humectants – in winter or summer, too dry hair will frizz and over moisturized hair will frizz.
  3. Do NOT touch your hair as it dries. DO NOT!
  4. Before you even get to the actual styling, make sure your moisture/protein balance is on point – hair that is thrown off (with pH balance too) is more likely to be frizzy. If your hair is mushy, you need some protein, and if it’s stiff, hard (oh my), or breaking, you most likely need some moisture in there.
  5. If you continue to have issues with frizz (referencing back to pH balance above), you can do an ACV rinse in order to close your cuticle – raised cuticles = frizzy hair.
  6. That being said, stay away from dye if you are already frizz prone, which lifts your cuticle.

7 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Frizzy Wash n Gos

  1. L Brown says:

    Is frizz caused by overmanipulation? I want better product distribution , but i’m worried that if i section my hair to apply product that i’m overmanipulating it and causing frizz.

    Also, is there a way to apply products that promote clumping and definition (i.e. raking) ?

    • Elle says:

      It can be. I smooth and rake my products in; there’s a vid on how I do my wash and go. Some people also use a Denman brush for clumping, but I’ve never tried it.

  2. curlycoilz says:

    About a month ago I began to experience frizzy wash n’ go’s, so I shampooed my hair with a shampoo with sulfates to completely clean my hair. Then I used Shea Moisture’s balancing conditioner, style and curl milk and the curl smoothie. This combination really moisturizes my hair. To seal in moisture and hold the curl, I use KY Jelly – yes KY Jelly. It really holds the moisture in my hair. I am still using this regimen today. Talk about kinky hair!

  3. 114Michelle says:

    Hi, I absolutely agree with the last comment. I use Curls Goddess G el also….lovin’ it. I use it for my twist outs. Have yet to find another product that keeps my ends as smooth. Elle, would love to hear your review of it. You might want to consider giving it a try…maybe? BTW, have you ever tried any Uncle Funky’s Daughter Products?

    • HB says:

      I’m on a no buy right now, :look: lol, but when I’m done I may pick it up…i gotta reread the ingredients though…there must have been a reason why I didn’t buy it. I have def heard of UFD but their shipping always pisses me off. I got the Good Hair Styling Creme at a meet up in a swap though, I used it once and really like it so far, but I gotta play with it some more before I review it. It sort of stinks though.

  4. What Looks Like Crazie... says:

    What she said lol. But I don’t know what u use now, but what has really helped me w/frizz is Curls Goddess gel from Target. I hate gel cuz my hair hates it, but this gel is light. Isn’t sticky & doesn’t flake. It doesn’t have super holding capabilities, like for a slicked back bun, but is EXCELLENT on a wash n go to keep the frizz & fly aways @ bay. It’s $7.99 for the bottle & it should last a long time b/c u only need a little bit. I don’t do anything but wash n go & this gel has helped tremendously.

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