Question of the Day: Feelings After the Big Chop

Q: How did you feel after your big chop? My family, friends, and BF are used to me having long hair, and every time I mention cutting my hair they say I’ll look like man. How did you deal with people making rude comments after your big chop? I’m scared :-/

A: There were a couple of times after I big chopped and I felt a little boyish, but I was like…meh, it is what it is. It’s hair, it grows back, I got over it. No one really made rude comments to me – I maybe got a few, but for the most part people know better than to speak to me like that. And I mean…how stupid is it to make fun of someone for having short hair, it won’t even be short in a year or two! However, they’ll have to live with that attitude and that face for quite some time…unless they want to go under the knife or get the therapy they need. People who put others down for the hell of it aren’t worth worrying about anyway. I try to keep positive people around me so I can give back the positivity. My motto is – no stress, stress stunts your hair growth!

Seriously…think of how silly they are being. This is my hair last June (which I actually loved btw):

And here’s my hair today:

So I mean like…who’s laughing now? Tell them to go sit down somewhere, and concentrate on feeling great about yourself.


7 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Feelings After the Big Chop

  1. Melanie says:

    I did the BC back in early April and surprisingly my family really liked it. Its growing fast and I cant wait until it gets a little bit longer so I can actually style it kinda like your first picture (mine is still a very thick curly mini fro)

  2. JoAnn says:

    People were also used to me having long relaxed hair for many years. Recently I did a BC and I have never received so many compliments in all of my days.

    I say go for it! If anyone is negative about it just keep it moving and don’t put any stock in what that one person says.

  3. atribitt says:

    Im not gonna lie, I felt self conscious for a few weeks after my big chop…. and it showed. Therefore, people treated me as such, not really complimenting me. but once I figured out how to style it, I felt great about it… and it showed! that’s when all the compliments started coming. I think confidence is key with any drastic change in appearance. There will be nay sayers all the time, but if ur lacking self confidence then ur ill prepared regardless of how ur hair actually looks.

  4. minna k says:

    Elle, I think you rock the TWA very well. I don’t think there is anything wrong with “boyish” on a pretty woman. I say just have faith in your beauty and roll with it.

    Personally I think having a good cut goes a long way.

  5. Mercedes says:

    Great advice!! I’ve done the big chop so many times, family and friends are just over it! The only one that really makes any comment is my Dad. He can’t understand why women cut their hair, then wear a weave. Well, for starters, I don’t wear a weave and whenever I’m stressed, I tend to want to cut my hair. So I just rock my TWA and wait until it grows out. Do your thing, appreciate how you look either way!

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